30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Advancing Your Career

Hashtag success! If you participated in last month’s challenge, it looked like you made the most of living in the moment. When you #latergram-med, special moments were savored media-free! And didn’t it feel good? We thought so too; it was refreshing to put away our phones and soak up the present. Now that our challenge is over, we’re curious (and nosey!) to know, how did it go for you? What was it like being social media free? Did you notice a difference in quality time spent with friends and family? What was the biggest difference when socializing without your phone glued to your hand?

We know everyone is in summer mode, but let’s not forget there is life after patio season and it actually runs parallel to our play time no matter what the time of year: work. Our nine to five days or swing-shift nights may seem like just a pit stop on the way to the next epic adventure, but in reality the work-life hustle doesn’t take a vacation, and neither should you.

We know you’re ambitious and motivated, and we want you to keep the momentum going despite summer-time temptations. So, this month’s challenge: 30 Days of Advancing Your Career. Your dream opportunity isn’t going to reveal itself in the mint leaves of your next mojito, so let’s actively work towards our career goals by taking 20 minutes a day to sharpen our professional acumen. How about it, Everygirls?

Whether it’s your dream job, the next step in your list of career to-dos, or making moves to stand out in your current role, there’s always room to grow professionally. Very few career paths include step-by-step instructions on how to land a promotion or how to earn the boss’s proverbial gold star, so being proactive about reaching your goals may seem overwhelming. Here’s where we come in: take the time to evaluate where you are in your career and where you want to go. Ask yourself, what are your strengths and, more importantly, what are your weaknesses? Awareness of your shortfalls can be as powerful as knowing your strong suits–challenge yourself to fill in these gaps.

Need a few ideas? How about: Not computer savvy? Become familiar with the basics in a new program (and will ease anxieties about understanding new technology). Hoping to learn more about photography? Pick up a camera. Perhaps you need to start building your network? Find a mentor in your industry. Get to the library and do some reading and research on jobs in your field (or industry you want to get into). Speaking of, have you read Lean In yet? What about #GIRLBOSS and BossyPants? Books with career themes have evolved past stuffy biographies and become tools for inspiration! Regardless of your career goals, success stories can stimulate creative solutions for your own objectives.

We know our readers are movers and shakers who refuse to settle for anything less than accomplishing lofty goals. Whatever route you choose, we want to hear about it! Tweet and Instagram us telling us how you plan to grow professionally (starting with that 20 minutes per day), and of course, tag us with #TEG30DayChallenge along the way!

So tell us: what’s your biggest professional challenge? What’s your dream job? What’s your biggest career distraction? How are you going to make your dream career happen?

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