30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Disconnecting After Dark

What’s spring without a few extra snowfalls to keep us on our toes? The cold helps a bit, admittedly: We’ve stayed inside and organized our lives before spring fever really hits. Closets of unworn clothes, files upon files and drawers filled to the brim no longer haunt our dreams. That to-do list we’ve been avoiding? Suddenly less intimidating; affairs are now in order. Clearing out the physical clutter helps to organize the mental clutter we create for ourselves by providing a space—both physical and mental—for our tasks to rest instead of performing a constant balancing act in our minds.

Tell us more about what you did last month to become more organized in the comments below. Was there a specific area of your life you were hitting ‘snooze’ on? And now, what is your favorite new organizing habit?

A new season is on our doorstep: Mad Men is taking it’s victory lap and Orange is the New Black is returning to a Netflix account near you, so we foresee many viewing marathons in the near future. With all this quality entertainment and countless emails/blogs/texts you need to catch up on, it’s no wonder downtime feels like a second job leaving little time to relax (much less getting your actual homework/errands/housework done).

Many of us find our work exhilarating; it’s easy to get carried away into the late hours of the night, and with the hustle comes stress. We forget to relax or, more specifically, unplug. This month’s challenge asks you to do just that: We want you to practice 30 Days of Disconnecting After Dark.

Daylight savings time continues to shower us with sunshine, so we think 9 p.m. is a solid time to call it quits. Yes, we want you to silence your phone—the texts regarding Sunday brunch can wait until the morning. The blogs you follow will undoubtedly be there tomorrow, with the same content ready for reading. So what should you do instead?  If hitting the hay just won’t do, consider nighttime yoga. The team at Women’s Health Magazine has put together a few simple moves that require minimal flexibility and can all be done in your bed! Check them out here.

Try books. You know, the kind made of paper. E-readers have a special place in our heart, but there’s continuous research coming out tut-tutting cell phone technology and the long-term effects on our sleep cycles. Not into picking up a paperback? What about revisiting our first #TEG30DayChallenge, and journaling again? We know a good vent session with your bests is as cathartic as they come, but sometimes spelling it out (literally) can be just as enlightening.

So, ­we want to hear it: Sans cell phone or television, how will you spend your time before bed? Do you already implement a ‘no tech’ nighttime policy? What digital treat keeps you hooked into the wee hours of the night? How can you (or will you!) combat the temptation? Share your tips and plans for how to decompress before bedtime in the comments below. Sweet dreams!

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