6 Gifts We’re Giving Ourselves This Season

Sophomore year of college, my mom gave me a robe for Christmas (thanks, Mom), and I WORE THE HECK OUT OF THAT ROBE. I loved it so much — I felt like Princess Margaret, rising no earlier than 11:00 am and floating around my palatial estate.



But when the robe finally reached the point of no return (RIP), I never bought myself another one. My brain kept playing the “should I spend money on this if no one’s really going to see it?” card, and I chickened out every time.

But in this season of giving and gifting, I think setting aside a few items for yourself should be considered a happiness-inducing act of self-care. And what’s more luxurious than a soft-as-all-get-out bralette, or extra cozy slippers, or a beautifully bottled perfume? Princess Margaret would be proud.

So without further ado, here’s what’s on my “to Kelly, from Kelly” list this year.



A new bralette that looks as good as it feels

I’m just going to be real honest upfront: every day when I get home from work, I immediately take off my bra (also been known to pull the “sliding it out of your shirtsleeve” maneuver on the drive home). My current in-rotation bras are a rag-tag group I like to call Ow-Ow-Ow, Whoa-So-Saggy, and When-Did-This-Actually-Fit??

And every day when I’m getting ready for work, I think to myself, I need a new (comfortable, pretty, I-want-to-wear-this) bra… but bra shopping can really suck the joy out of you, so I’m never in the mood to replenish my lineup.

Enter bralettes — the perfect antidote to underwire woes. I love this one from Vanity Fair Lingerie— it’s super soft, super supportive (no flimsy, tissue paper cups here), and oh-so-pretty. I’m gifting myself one (or two, or three) this year so that I don’t feel the immediate need to take my bra off whenever I enter my apartment. Luxurious and practical? Sign me up.

Vanity Fair


Use discount code EVERYGIRL at checkout for $5 off our favorite bralette and panties (bought as a set) until 12/31/17. Win!



A perfume to reach for again and again

I’ve loved perfume since I had a bottle with an old-school pump spray — like something out a film noir from the ’40s. It’s that extra boost of ~something~ that makes you feel confident and take-on-the-world. It’s also something I don’t frequently buy, because it can get pricey… especially if you want more than .00000005 of an ounce. Which is why I love buying sample kits or travel sizes (who actually makes it through an entire bottle of perfume??) so I can change it up as often as I like. Bonus: there are SO MANY fragrance deals around the holidays. It’s a reasonably-priced scent smorgasbord.



A buttery-soft pajama set

I’ve always wanted a nice, matching PJ set because my usual sleep attire of a stretched out t-shirt and holey, elastic-less pants is not the most people-appropriate outfit. A necessity when dealing with everyone-is-together family time around the holidays. A sleep set is adorably ‘grammable (hey, I’m only human) and super cozy to boot.


Source: @cottonstem


Extra cozy slippers

I am always cold. ALWAYS. I have a space heater blowing on my feet as a write this (set at 80°, natch) and I’m known in the office as “the one that turned the heat up” (with varying levels of fondness and exasperation). I love cozy socks as much as the next person — no wait, definitely more — but this season I’m gifting myself the ease, convenience, and cozy-af-ness of slippers. This pair is extra holly jolly and I am ON BOARD.



Super rich body lotion

I want to be one of those people who slathers on lotion immediately after a shower instead of sitting on their bed in a towel for 45 minutes, staring at the wall. I know I can be one of those people with the right lotion — you know those super-extra-holy-cow rich ones that melt into your skin like butter? I’ve heard this set is more than worth it.


Source: @jennaboron


A robe that dreams are made of

You knew I was going to put a robe on this list, didn’t you? This year, I’m gifting myself the ultimate in luxurious frivolity — a super soft robe. Every day’s a spa day from here on out.


What are you gifting yourself this season? Tell us in the comments below! 


This post was in partnership with Vanity Fair lingerie, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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