Around the Web This Week

From surprising news in the world of online dating to one woman’s take on life at 23, we have rounded up some of our favorite articles from around the web this week to share with you!

Home: Check out the affordable Aiden end table from World Market styled three ways here.

Tech: Have an online dating profile? This news may surprise you!

Finance: Thinking it’s too early to start saving for retirement? You may change your mind after reading this article.

Career: 15 phrases you will never hear entrepreneurs say.

News: The latest ISIS news includes crimes against women, according to this article.

Culture: We ask women the question “What advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?” So, how do 23-year-olds really feel? Read The Brain on 23 for an honest portrayal.

Food: This amazing soup served in bread recipe is on the menu for Sunday brunch this weekend.

Beauty: Sick of flat hair? Check out this tutorial to learn how to achieve a bouncy bob every time!

Fashion: This fall look by Charmingly Styled is one of our favorite styles this season.

Travel: Explore Ubud, Indonesia with Marianna Jamadi of the travel blog Nomadic Habit.

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