Bar Essentials Under $50

  • Copy by: Caroline Wilder

When it comes to stocking the perfect home bar, it’s easy for some of us to get carried away. When you consider glasses, tools, spirits, mixers, and garnishes, you could end up with an inventory the size of the local corner bar if you’re not careful. The easiest (and most sensible) way to stock a home bar is to start with the essentials and your three favorite cocktails. Once you have the ingredients and tools needed for your favorites, the rest will seem like a breeze and you won’t end up with more than you need. We’ve found some great items to get you started.

When creating a home bar, don’t be afraid to add a few small things as decor—you know, for pretty sake. Coasters that match your decor or paper straws add the perfect touch. Love those agate slice coasters you see everywhere? Urban Outfitters sells them for $8 per piece (in store). You can add your own sliders—much cheaper than $60 sets, plus you can choose your specific cuts!

Our Picks:
Copper Coasters, $6/each
Agate Cut, $8/each
Birch Paper Straws, $1/Set of 10

No matter your drink of choice, you’re going to need tools—whether it’s a cork screw, bottle opener, or shaker and strainer set. The choices are endless: silver, gold, copper, wood, marble. There’s something for everyone and just because it’s necessary doesn’t mean it can’t still be pretty!

Our Picks:
Copper Corkscrew, $10
Mother of Pearl Bottle Opener, $14
Strainer & Shaker, $24 & $39
Bar Tool Set, $18

Clink, clink! The selection of glassware is endless so pick a few sets to cater to your favorite look. If you’re a fellow fan of Scandal, our pick for wine glasses just might look familiar!

Our Picks: 
Wine Glass $13/each
Yours, Mine, Ours Decanter Set, $39
Metallic Glasses (Set of 4), $40

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