Coffee Talk: Being More Spontaneous

  • Copy by: Anna Mathias

Wake up. Get ready. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Sounds a little too familiar, right? For most of us, our day-to-day lives are ruled by schedules and routines. We become creatures of habit, and while there is nothing wrong with that, doing the same thing everyday can feel a little…monotonous.

Being spontaneous might just be the perfect solution. It can mean doing something grand like an unprompted like a last minute vacation or doing something small like taking a different running trail. Adding spontaneity—even a little—gives us a sense of adventure, which we all need a dose of every now and then for a well-balanced life.

So, we are curious—are you spontaneous? A little or a lot?  Have you ever done something like an unexpected trip out of the country? If you are on the spontaneous side, do you have tips for those of us who want to add a little spice to our everyday lives?

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