Coffee Talk: Facebook Woes

Your friend has an embarrassing photo of you from the bar last night. That old competition from high school lands a job at a magazine in Manhattan. Your ex gets engaged.

In the Age of Innocence (read: before the launch of Facebook), none of these life pests inhabited much of a space in reality beyond the confines of secret humiliation and subsequent discomposure in your own mind. We live in a different world now—one that doesn’t even give us the chance of ignorance to get a shot at bliss. Though Facebook is described by some as virtual, much of the ensuing drama exists in reality. That embarrassing photo? You’re already tagged. Your ex? Staring you in the face alongside his perfect fiancé. Irksome” doesn’t begin to cover it—this is simply cruel and unusual punishment. And all you did was sign up for a Facebook account.

We want to know—when your Facebook feed is too down-trodden with ugly news from your past or present, how do you handle it? Are you always happy for the successes of others? Do you consistently de-friend when you break up with someone? How do you deal with those seemingly ever-present Facebook woes?

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elizabeth fitzgerald
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