Coffee Talk: How Would You Spend Your Perfect Day?

  • Copy by: Jessica Kim

While we wholeheartedly believe that you should aim to make every day wonderful, with increasingly busy schedules that often revolve around work or school, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine. It’s even difficult to find time to do the things we enjoy, such as going for a brisk morning run through the park, grabbing dinner at the swanky new gastropub downtown, or finally starting that New York Times bestseller that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand.

Now imagine you have one blissful day to yourself, without work, school, or family-related responsibilities and obligations. What would you choose to do? Would you wake up to sunshine streaming through the window and indulge in breakfast nestled in bed to begin the day? Or, would you work up a sweat at the gym and then sip on refreshing margaritas, nosh on tilapia tacos, and catch up on girl talk at your favorite bar? Maybe you would prefer to sit on a sun-drenched porch and revisit your beloved paperback novels for an entire afternoon. The possibilities are endless. Tell us how you would spend your perfect day.

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