Coffee Talk: Relationship Deal Breakers

  • Copy by: Meghan Freier

“Your man appears on “To Catch a Predator” on Dateline—that’s a deal breaker, ladies!” While 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon might have based an entire fictional TV show around relationship deal breakers, we’re pondering real-life issues that end relationships.

While common deal breakers often center around the heavier issues like differences in religion, politics, and personality traits, sometimes seemingly minor things are the dividing issue in relationships—poor table manners, questionable wardrobe choices, or being a “cat person.” But are these non-negotiables always grounds for ending a relationship all together?

Whether they’re completely ridiculous or stone-cold serious, what is the biggest deal breaker for you in a relationship? Do you have certain non-negotiable issues you’ve already established, “I won’t date someone who is X, Y, or Z,” that you absolutely won’t budge on? Have you broken up with someone because of them?

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