Customer Service Coordinator

Snow & Graham

Position: Customer Service Coordinator
Compensation: Based Upon Experience

Who We Are

Ever mindful of social grace and the precious practice of written correspondence, Snow & Graham offers a full range of paper novelties designed for modern communique. Since 1998, we have expanded from our humble beginnings as a design studio of vision and inspiration to an aesthetic headquarters, bustling with creativity and production. We honor the tradition of surface design with a very contemporary sensibility, combining modern designs with supple papers and fine art letterpress printing. This process allows for the design and materials to reveal the pure qualities of each, creating an expression that is memorable and exceptional in a card that is just right.

Snow & Graham is looking for an enthusiastic team player who enjoys helping people. In our 19 years we have accumulated a savvy and sophisticated following of wholesale customers who expect the best from us. We are looking for a person to help ensure that each of our customers feels valued and that the process of working with us doesn’t feel like work at all. It is important that the attention to detail and sentimentality you find in our paper goods is carried through in each aspect of working with our brand. 


The primary responsibility of the Customer Service Coordinator (CSC) is to manage the external and internal processes that contribute to Snow & Graham (S&G) customer satisfaction. The CSC will therefore be the first, primary, and typically the only point of contact for all S&G customers and will be relied upon to address customer questions and concerns. The CSC is, therefore, effectively the “voice” of S&G and will have a major impact on the impression of S&G externally and within the industry. Internally, the CSC will oversee the administrative aspects of the customers’ experience with S&G. This will require working very closely with the Operations Manager (OM) to ensure that the “journey” from purchase order to boxed shipment is smooth.

The CSC will be the primary person responsible for meeting customer demand. Expectations in this context include, but are not limited to:

  • Receiving and reviewing customer and sales rep purchase orders
  • Inputting the orders into the S&G database, thereby formalizing the orders and launching the process which results in customer satisfaction
  • Communicating any issues that will delay an order being fulfilled, both with the customer and internally, maintaining consistent proactive communication with customers in the form of hand-written thank you notes and the like
  • Working with the SC prioritizing and scheduling the packaging and shipment of all orders
  • Working in close conjunction with the OM to coordinate key account orders
  • Maintaining an updated customer list, traveling 2-3x/year to industry trade shows, sales showrooms, and to strategic customer regions to represent and advance the S&G brand
  • Organizing proactive outreach to customers and sales representatives following trade shows

Additionally, the CSC is the primary point of internal contact for S&G sales representatives. In this context, the CSC will be responsible for:

  • Guaranteeing that S&G sales representatives possess current samples of all products in the S&G line
  • Managing the distribution of S&G promotional materials (including mailings) once they have been created by the design team
  • Maintaining the S&G sales representative list
  • Providing sales representatives with important information about new or existing customers in their territory, reviewing sales representatives’ commissions each month
  • Ensuring that sales representatives are aware of discontinued product

Finally, the CSC will support the office by having primary responsibility for general, studio and office-related administrative duties including:

  • Answering incoming phone calls
  • Responding to incoming (general, “orders@”) emails
  • Monitoring S&G general voice mail (checking at least 2x/day)


Among the characteristics which distinguish Snow & Graham in the industry is a long history of excellent customer service. This is a hallmark of the company which must be prioritized and maintained. The most challenging aspect of the CSC’s role is balancing customer satisfaction with our internal realities and needs. Therefore, the most important aspect of the CSC’s role is problem-solving.

Success in this role will depend largely on preserving our valuable reputation through strong customer-service skills, persistence, and knowledge of the industry. With this in mind, the CSC must:

  • Have superior interpersonal skills and be customer-service oriented
  • Demonstrate a respect for deadlines and a sense of urgency appropriate for a customer-based business
  • Enjoy talking on the phone and be undaunted by placing “cold” calls
  • Be uncomfortable with “loose ends” and aggressive with follow-up
  • Be proficient in MS Office
  • Possess excellent listening skills
  • Be highly organized
  • Be detail-oriented
  • Be a strong multi-tasker
  • Display professional flexibility and a team spirit

S&G is a small company with an informal culture; everyone pitches in on projects or during peak shipping periods. Ideally, the CSM will:

  • Have an undergraduate degree
  • Bring experience in the paper-goods industry
  • Be proficient with Excel and QuickBooks

To Apply

Interested candidates, please email your resume to with the subject line: Customer Service Coordinator. Thank you!