Target Is Releasing a New Rosé and You’re Going to Freak When You See It

And 6 other things to check out on the internet this week

Here at The Everygirl, we understand the nature of busy women. You barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone spend the day surfing the web. That’s why this week, we’re sharing some of our favorite articles on pop culture, design, and more.


1. Angela Bassett, the actress who plays Ramonda in Black Panther, brought her kids on set to help them build positive images of themselves and we are all just CRYING inside.

Black Panther is the first Marvel movie to feature a predominately black cast and has already surpassed box office records for its opening weekend.


2. A New York Times op-ed insinuated that heavier gym-goers should stick to sweatpants. Millions of women beg to differ.

Not only is it ignorant of the infinite array of beauty in this world, but it puts hard lines around the idea of what it means to be “pretty.” “Pretty” often blooms in places that mainstream culture wouldn’t think to look—and therefore will never acknowledge or understand.

YAS 🙌 🙌


3. Target is releasing a $13 Yes Way Rosé line and our Instagram aesthetic couldn’t be happier.

Source: @yeswayrose

Cheers to nothing looking as good as rosé tastes.


4. This natural deodorant is the ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS. Trust.

You will feel like all the Queer Eye guys are shouting validation at you all day aka heaven.


5. Ester Ledecká, the Olympic alpine skier and snowboarder from Czech Republic, won the Super-G competition and her reason for wearing goggles during the press interviews speaks to our souls.

While make-up isn’t necessary, the takeaway here is that we’re all humans, okay?!


6. The candle scent you need in your life based on your zodiac sign.

We can finally say it’s 2018.


7. AirBnB just announced the launch of 2 new luxury tiers because YOU ARE A QUEEN (and should therefore travel like one).

“AirBnB Plus” offers homes that have been verified by passing a 100 point checklist while “Beyond AirBnB” specializes in high-end homes.

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