Giveaway: $250 Towards A MyPublisher Photo Book

It’s the gift giving season. But you knew that already, right? And as much as receiving is oh-so-fun, don’t you also love giving the just right present to the perfect person on your list? Yes! That’s why we tend to give personal gifts (to get it just right).

Enter MyPublisher. MyPublisher creates lasting memories in the form of custom (and beautiful!) photo books. Genius, because we have so very many photos of that perfect instant we want to remember forever. What better way than to create a showcase of how much your best friend means to you? Or to your mom, sister, significant other? The smaller Mini Books and Pocket Books make for great holiday gifts, if we do say so ourselves.

Each MyPublisher book is constructed and printed in-house to assure industry-best quality. This also allows for unrivaled pricing (which we appreciate, especially when budgeting during this time of year!). The software is easy to navigate giving you complete creative control. It’s simple and easy, we promise! And the best part? The array of choices—sizes, cover options, add-ons, and accessories to all suit your style (or that of the receiving party).  

Speaking of, if you are in the mood to spoil yourself and give a gift to yourself for being, well, you (Go ahead! You’re allowed!) then what better way to document the past year with a MyPublisher book dedicated your 2014 adventures? The Classic and Deluxe photo books are the perfect way to make your favorite moments and memories permanent. And newly launched is their photo retouching service. So even if you consider yourself a novice photographer, MyPublisher has you covered.

Also check out their new line of premium photo albums; start creating them now and they will be available for you early next year. It’s a unique to you design experience where you have input on every phase of the production process. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better…

We want to help you give the perfect gift this season with MyPublisher


WIN: $250 towards MyPublisher photo books

Leave a comment telling us what you’d do with your MyPublisher photo book!

You have until Monday, December 22, at 11:59 PM CST to enter! 

See Terms and Conditions here. Good luck!

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