Hear This: Another Eternity

Hear This: Another Eternity #theeverygirl

I’ve never heard music quite like this. 

Purity Ring, a synth-pop duo from Edmonton, Alberta, released 10-track Another Eternity way back in early March. I wasn’t introduced to the group or their unique sound until just this month, but now I feel very inclined to spread the word about them to anyone that will listen. 

That means you. You’re welcome. 

Another Eternity is the second album from vocalist Megan James and producer Corin Roddick. It’s cleaner and brighter than Shrines, the duo’s first album, but it still emits a haunting, somewhat alien sound that mixes pop, contemporary R&B, and electronic dance music with something else that is inexplicable and totally new.

Purity Ring’s music is both ahead of the game and right on trend, balancing a synthetic sound with surprisingly poignant lyrics. 

listening to Purity Ring is like falling asleep with your face inside of a strobe light.

The otherworldly, electronic beats in “Heartsigh” and “Dusthymn” are eerie while somehow still remaining upbeat and danceable, while the hook in “Sea Castle” is catchy and melodic enough to find a home on any Sia or Taylor Swift album (excluding T-Swift’s long forgotten country days).

In other words, listening to Purity Ring is like falling asleep with your face inside of a strobe light. That makes sense, right? 

James and Roddick have coined their sound as “future pop,” which may truly be the best way to describe the genre that Purity Ring has essentially pioneered. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone has dubbed them “Canada’s Saddest Beyonce” a label that shouldn’t make any sense but, in this case, makes all the sense in the world. 

Have yourself a listen. 

Purity Ring on: iTunes | Spotify | SoundCloud


Daryl Lindsey #theeverygirl

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