Hear This: The 20/20 Experience

  • Copy by: Darlene Campos

“I be on my suit and tie”–name that song! Recently, Justin Timberlake and his spellbinding lyrics are seemingly unavoidable. Perhaps it’s a product of the greatly anticipated release of his new album The 20/20 Experience following a three-year performance hiatus, or a result of a genius marketing campaign that streamed the album on iTunes for one week before its release. Whatever the reason might be, Justin Timberlake has been launched to the forefront of pop culture.

Selling almost one million copies in the first week of its release, The 20/20 Experience artfully blends pop, R&B, and soul music into a single album that showcases Justin Timberlake’s stylistic range. Timberlake has definitely made a musical comeback and if you haven’t done so already, this is one album that is definitely worth checking out!

What’s your favorite song from The 20/20 Experience?

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