How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sunglasses are a year round staple accessory and get even more love this time of year when we’re hanging on to summer and transitioning into fall looks. They both give every outfit that little je ne sais quois and can cover up a host of sins as we roll out of bed to hunt down coffee in the morning. In the same way you dress for your body type, embrace the most flattering sunglass styles for your face! The right shape helps make the most of your favorite features and play down any that we’re less excited about.

Know Your Face Shape

The perfect sunglasses for you both balance and contrast the shape of your face. For example, sunglasses can help create angles on your face where there naturally aren’t any, giving you gorgeous cheekbones sans strobing.

If you are not already familiar with your face shape, you can take a quick quiz here. Or you can also use some of these tips if you already have a sense of what it is. If you’re feeling bold, you can also grab a dry erase marker (or nude lipstick, that I’m actually likely to have on hand) and trace the outline of your face lightly in a mirror. If you’re still not quite sure where your face shape matches up, we’ve included some gorgeous celebs with prominent features that really help illustrate common characteristics of various face structures. Ready for the perfect true-to-you sunnies?

Check out the four most common face shapes below and our favorite picks in each category.

Heart Shaped Face

Source: Cosmopolitan

Source: Atlantic Pacific

If you have a heart shaped face, your forehead and cheekbones sit wider than your narrow chin, and your face slims a bit from top to bottom. Cat eye sunnies look amazing on you and mirror that lovely lift you already have in your bone structure! Wayfarers have a similar look since they have some horizontal heft and also work to match the width of your upper face as well as add a little lift on the corners.


Round Face

Source: Hair Styles Out

Source: Bows and Sequins

If you have a round face, it’s all about creating some angles! Any sunnies that have sharp lines are for you. That means you want to step away from anything that is already very round or too oversized like a large aviator. Square shapes are beautiful on your face too, as are Wayfarers or cat eyes.


Oval Face

Source:  Huffington Post

Source: Man Repeller

You lucky gal! Nearly any shape of sunglasses works on your face.  You can, however, really hit the jackpot with glasses that are in great proportion to your face. For a classic look don’t go too wide or oversized on the sides; you don’t want anything that sits too far out of your gorgeous natural slim visage! Once you’re well-stocked with traditional looks, however, you can play with fun shapes that might be a little more quirky on some of us, so feel free to have a little fun with your choices.


Square Face

Source: Blooming Box

Source: Mia Mia Mine

Your best sunnies are the opposite of your round-face friends! Since you already have great sharp lines to your face, you can balance that and add softness by picking a pair that are round or have curved edges. Classic aviators will look perfect on your bone structure as will anything with truly circular lenses or slightly more athletic with a lot of coverage.


Do you think of your face shape when buying sunglasses? Are you mostly into classic pairs or fun and colorful? 

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