In the Know: June 3, 2016

“I think it was always going to be this way. It was never plausible that a speaker would preside over your convention and not endorse you.” Representative Tom Cole (Republican of Oklahoma), on Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election

Torrential rain over last weekend and what meteorologists called “rain bombs” have flooded parts of Texas, causing rivers and reservoirs to overflow, and have killed at least six people.

The Cincinnati Zoo has been under fire this week for its decision to kill a critically endangered gorilla after a 3-year-old boy made it past a barrier and into the gorilla’s enclosure.

UCLA’s campus was the scene of a murder-suicide on Wednesday, shocking the community.

Minnesota health officials have confirmed Prince’s cause of death: overdose.

OPEC failed to reach an agreement on oil production Thursday amid tensions over the price of oil and the relevance of the group.

According to a new report, over 1,000 migrants and refugees have died crossing the Mediterranean in just the last week.

Floods have devastated regions across France—and in some areas, the worst seen in a century or more. (French President Francois Hollande is reportedly considering a state of emergency.)

It may not seem like it, but in 2015 the world saw a decrease in terrorist attacks and resulting fatalities for the first time since 2012.

Thirty-one U.S. senators are demanding that the U.S. Soccer Federation pay players on the Women’s National Team the same as their heavily-compensated male counterparts.

Donald B. Verrilli Jr., who won historic Supreme Court rulings on health care and same-sex marriage, will step down as U.S. Solicitor General.

Election 2016
Speaker Paul Ryan has (finally) let us know who he will be voting for: Trump.

And Clinton made vocal her opinion: “Making Donald Trump our commander in chief would be a historic mistake.”

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft have agreed to purge their sites of hate speech within 24 hours in compliance with a new European Union code of conduct created to combat rising tensions with the refugee crisis and terrorism.

Forbes has revised its estimate of Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth… to nothing. (She topped their list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women last year.)

Health & Science
The FDA has announced new guidelines in an effort to curb the amount of salt in processed and prepared foods.

A group of scientists say they want work toward being able to create a synthetic version of the entire human genetic code in the laboratory.

Women’s Affairs
Nanette Rainone, who created some of the first programs dedicated to feminism and women’s issues, passed away. She was 73.


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