In the Know: June 5, 2015

“What Jenner has done—both on a personal and a public level—is no small feat. She used her access to the media to bring attention to a community that has fought hard for many years to have its stories heard, without being sensationalized. In that way, she has brought important attention to an often-marginalized and misunderstood community, while also being true to herself.” Peggy Drexler, author and former gender scholar at Stanford University on Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn

A massive data breach may have compromised every federal agency (investigation ongoing, but Chinese hackers may be the culprit).

Boston faced a terrorism threat this week and new details are emerging that suggest the target may have been a controversial conservative activist.

Hundreds joined Vice President Joe Biden to mourn the loss of his son Beau, former Delaware Attorney General, after losing his lengthy fight against brain cancer.

The TSA is failing to keep us safe (and a new leader has been approved.)

The FIFA scandal continues to escalate, and this week FIFA’s President Sepp Blatter stepped down.

The OPEC has a major meeting today. Details here.

After allowing the Patriot Act to lapse, the Senate met on June 2nd and passed the USA Freedom Act. The difference? It all comes down to the collection of phone records. (Catch up here.)

House lawmakers are renewing a bipartisan effort to toughen federal oversight of how colleges respond to campus sexual violence. (Finally.)

We love Zara’s clothes, but we’ll be watching this lawsuit. After all, the discrimination suit isn’t exactly the company’s first offense.

When perusing Pinterest, have you ever thought, “If only it were easier to buy the product I just repinned!” Problem solved.

South Korea has expanded its safety precautions as authorities nearly doubled the number of quarantined people they say may have been exposed to the MERS virus.

New research suggests that a previously recorded global warming “hiatus” may have been based on incorrect data.

Women’s Affairs
An FDA panel has officially backed the “little pink pill”—the drug could be approved as soon as Aug. 18.

An ad for fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent that appeared in Elle UK magazine has been banned after a regulator deemed the model depicted in the ad as “unhealthily underweight.”

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