On the Menu: Culinary Pampering

  • Copy by: Brianna Cook

You work hard – probably too hard – and if there’s one thing you deserve after a long day, it’s a little culinary pampering. But when you’re the one doing the cooking, especially if it’s just for one or two, it’s tempting to cave and order takeout that leaves you feeling unsatisfied and with a drained wallet. Instead, get inspired by the Lean Cuisine Culinary Roundtable, featuring top chefs and restaurateurs working together to promote bold flavors in healthy eating.

The participants include Miami’s Michelle Bernstein, who brings multicultural flair; Brad Farmerie of NYC & Napa who’s all about fusion; and Chicago’s Paul Kahan who shares his farm-to-table cuisine.

Take a look at how it went down. Warning: You will get hungry!

Now that your stomach is growling, why not get started on your own culinary creation? And for when you want to sit back and let your microwave do all the work, you can enjoy a Lean Cuisine Chef’s Pick variety such as Ranchero Braised Beef and Chile Lime Chicken, with Chicken in Peanut Sauce and Asparagus Ravioli on their way.

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We want to know–do you ever reach for the take-out menus when you can’t bear the thought of cooking? What about stocking the freezer with some of these delicious options instead? If you’ve tried the Lean Cuisine Chef’s Picks, which is your favorite?

This post is sponsored by Lean Cuisine. See what’s cooking at the Culinary Roundtable here.






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