Our Favorite Reader Fall Recipes

It’s not difficult to admit we love perusing our own #theeverygirlcooks hashtag. Because, frankly, our readers (yes, you!) share the best recipes, each one styled and photographed to imperfection. For our fall favorites, we found six Instagram photos that radiated the essences of the season. From a casserole fit for an entire family to eat to a unique batch of pop tarts, follow these ladies on Instagram for their beautiful recipes. And while you are at it, don’t forget to keep sharing your food stories with us!

@helloitsmel: Who wouldn’t want to wake up for these scrumptious pumpkin & almond pop tarts?!


@lisamasu: Vienna-based Lisa whipped up roasted cauliflower with chickpea salad. We have to agree: this is the perfect fall dinner for the ‘almost weekend.’


@comfycozycouture: A chicken and broccoli casserole that will surely satisfy the pickiest of eaters.


@runwaychef: A one-minute coffee cake in a mug? Hop to this recipe now!


@martinecooks: Martine’s feed is filled with mouthwatering recipes including this easy recipe for fall’s best produce.


@saramueller: This tomato and goat cheese tart will surely be making its way onto our next brunch menu. Yum!

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