Cop Her Style: How to Get Shay Mitchell’s Looks for Less

I remember watching PLL when it started and thinking wait, these goddesses are supposed to be in high school?! Where is their ance and frizzy hair? I have questions. Now, I scroll through Shay Mitchell’s Instagram thinking wait, are these photoshoots or is this what Shay actually looks like living her life?! 

I’m obsessed with the Canadian actress’s bold style — that somehow never looks like “too much” or overdone. Very impressive, no? Here’s how to steal her best head-turning looks. Get ready for your closeup.


Denim is your best — and most versatile — friend

Give me jeans or give me death. I love how Shay proves that a sleek pair of ’em can make any outfit fancy-night-out worthy. Her other denim choices are nothing short of flawless — go forth and stock up.

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Your sunglasses collection can transform an outfit — go for bold, polarized, and statement-making

You’re just shielding your eyes from your own radiance.


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Everything old is chic again

Remember how my other style crush proved to me that a flannel tied around your waist is actually Nirvana-chic-af? Shay also got this memo. Not to mention a fanny pack — a FANNY PACK — is somehow now on my to-buy-immediately list after seeing Shay’s epic Instagram.

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Make an outfit pop with bold colors and rich details — leather pants! stripes! — and keep the rest sleek n’ simple.

I love the stand-out items Shay chooses, but she manages to never look overdone by letting the outfit stand on its own.


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