The Best Gifts to Bring to a Holiday Party

We know what happens as the holiday season goes on — your social schedule quickly fills up and it seems like every other day you’re penciling in a new Christmas fête or Holiday soirée. Though these parties are fun, they can also come with a lot of stress. Forget remembering the directions to get to the party or planning the outfit you’re going to wear — what about the host/hostess gift!?

The gift you bring needs to simultaneously say thank you, and also be something special that doesn’t feel generic, basic, or will add to their junk shelf in the basement. At the same time, it can’t require too much effort or planning because, let’s be real, you’re a busy woman with a lot of parties to attend. Make your gift one less thing to think about and go for one of these easy options that will feel more special and personalized than the average Christmas candle or peppermint bark. Bring along one of these gifts to all your holiday parties, and never be stressed by your growing social schedule again.

Personal Wine

Personalized Bottle of Wine

Don't just bring a basic, boring bottle of wine — bring a personalized bottle with the host/hostess' monogram or the party details. Use discount code "everygirl" at checkout to receive 15% off your order!


Holiday Speckle Bar Soap

Soap is as useful as it gets! Go for one with pretty packaging that looks like you *maybe* wrapped it yourself. The host will be touched and impressed.

Kate Spade

Bah Humbug Kitchen Towel Set

For the host with humor, bring along some cute kitchen towels they'll want to display through the entire holiday season.

Williams Sonoma

White and Copper Marble Monogram Boards

For the couple who has it all, go for a chic white marble cheese board and serving tray that they can (and will want to) use that night. They'll be so touched by the personalize detail!


City Candle

If you know your host is from a different place, or just moved, gift a chic candle that's specifically for their city. It will be a meaningful and thoughtful breath of fresh air from the sea of generic candles.


Happy Holidays 3-Piece Candy Bento Box

Forget boring peppermint bark or sugar cookies! Go with a cute collection of their favorite sweets (better yet — the adult version, like champagne gummies!).


Pie's the Limit Servers

A chic pair of servers with witty engravings are a fun way to make your gift stand out and feel more personal than traditional kitchenware. Bonus: the host will think of you every time they use them (which is sure to be often!).

World Market

Vanilla Soap Petals

I mean, is there anything prettier!? For the classic femme host, bring her a set of these gorgeous soap petals.

Fred & Friends

Copper Party Cup

If the host is a little trendier (or has a good sense of humor), a play on traditional drinkware is a great alternative to cups and glasses. A copper cup for Moscow Mules is especially cute in the shape of solo cup. It's like the classy, grown-up version of a frat party — the host will love it!


Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker

Is the host a known coffee lover? Kitchenware is a great hostess gift, but a chic pour-over glass coffeemaker will show that you thought about what the host would really want and use, more than the typical glassware.

Project 62

Picture Frame

What's more personalized than a picture frame? If the host is a close friend or family member, double points for filling the frames with pictures of the two of you! Either way, it will be a thoughtful gift.

Mud Pie

Embroidered Throw Pillow

A cozy throw blanket is a great gift to take to holiday parties, because you can't have enough blankets when it's cold outside! An embroidered monogram touch will make it all the more special and personalized.

Urban Outfitters

Who's Most Likely To Game

"Who's Most Likely To..." is our favorite adult party game! Bringing a game that everyone will love to play and the host can keep is the one gift that actually makes the party more fun. And isn't that the best gift you could bring?

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