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The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type #theeverygirl

It’s finally bathing suit season. But fear not! We’re breaking down the best fit and shape tips for every body type for your swimsuit shopping reference. So let us help you find the perfect suit and never again have the dreaded “why does this look so weird?” dressing room moment.

Bathing suit season, we’re ready for you.

If you are pear shaped:

Curvy on bottom, smaller on top—think Beyonce & J.Lo.

What to look for: Balance proportions and streamline your silhouette with a swimsuit that elongate your frame.

Source: Asos

Source: Nordstrom

Source: Victoria's Secret

Source: Macy's

If you have a large bust:

(Self explanatory.) Think Kate Upton and Sofia Vergara.

What to look for: Bra-style tops, a higher back, and thick straps to provide extra support (so the girls stay up and at ‘em). Be sure you have enough coverage up top to keep everything that needs to stay in, in!

Source: Asos

Source: Asos

Source: Swimsuits for All

Source: Everything But Water 

If you have a small bust:

(Self explanatory.) Think Kate Moss and Rihanna.

What to look for: Need to add a bit of oomph up there? Think pads, prints, triangles, and embellishments to add a bit of curve.

Source: Revolve

Source: Target 

Source: Revolve 

Source: Target 

If you have an athletic frame:

You are more straight than curvy—think Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel.

What to look for:  Wanting to add curves? Smaller cuts, tie-side bottoms, and embellishments can help create the illusion of a curvier figure. Source: Bikini Fox

Source: Revolve

Source: Torrid

Source: Revolve

If you want to conceal your tummy:

You're shaped more like an apple, carrying weight mostly throughout your middle.

What to look for: Self conscious of a little tummy? There are plenty of one and two-piece options to help smooth out your middle. Shirring, a high waist, and tankinis will help camouflage the trouble area.

Source: Kingdom & State

Source: Asos 

Source: Macy's

If you are curvy:

You may have a full bust, hips, thighs, and behind—think Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johannsson.

What to look for: Highlight your curves with retro shapes, color blocking, and asymmetrical suits. Tip: If you’re not keen on exaggerating curves opt out of string bikinis.

Source: Revolve
Source: Asos

Source: Victoria's Secret 

Source: Albion Fit 

What are you body flattering swimsuit tips? Share with us in the comments!


Jeannine Benoit Adams #theeverygirl

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