The DIY Files: Knotted Rope Necklace with Grace Atwood

Anyone who has ever perused the archives of Stripes & Sequins, the style blog penned by New Yorker Grace Atwood, can attest the fashionista has no shortage of talent when it comes to whipping up a crafty DIY. From jewelry to handbags, shoes to holiday decor, Grace has garnered an extensive following in large part due to her handmade projects. Considering she heads up social media for BaubleBar, the uber popular online jewelry shop, it’s no surprise Grace’s bejeweled bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings stand out among her DIY creations. We’re so happy she decided to share a recent project with our readers today! Follow along to learn how to make this nautical-inspired knot rope necklace. (The best part is considering all the money you’ll save from buying a similar style in stores.)

Click here to visit Stripes and Sequins for the tutorial on making a rope bracelet! And be sure to check out more of Grace’s DIY creations here!

Rope (about 18”)
Felt Rope (about 10”)
Large endcaps 12x16mm (2)
Medium Barrel end caps 6mm (4)
Jump Rings (4)
Lobster Clasp
E6000 Glue
Kebab Stick (not pictured)

1. Tie your piece of felt rope in a knot and trim the ends so that it resembles the above.
2. Pull the ends tightly like above.
3. Add a few drops of E6000 glue to one of your large endcaps.  I like to use a kebab stick to apply the glue… helps avoid mess!
4. Stuff the end of the felt piece into the endcap. Repeat on the opposite side and set aside to dry.
5. Cut your rope into two pieces, each about 5-6” long.
6. Add a smaller endcap to each side of your rope using E6000 glue.
7. Once dry, arrange your pieces like above… this is the form of your necklace.
8. Using pliers, open up a jump ring and connect a rope piece to the felt piece.
9. Close using pliers and repeat on the opposite side.
10. Add a jump ring and a clasp to one side of the other end of your rope piece, and a jump ring to the other side.
11. Tada!

Plan on trying this at home? Be sure to Instagram a photo of the finished product and share with us at @theeverygirl_ #theDIYfiles!

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