The Everygirl Book Club: Then Again // week two

We hope you’re enjoying Then Again, this month’s selection for the Random House Reader’s Circle for The Everygirl! It’s already week two, and Diane has provided us with plenty of new topics and stories to discuss. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and reactions, so be sure to comment!

As usual, we’ve posted some questions below, but feel free to share your own thoughts, questions, and opinions. And remember that our commenting programming allows you to reply directly to one another’s comments and get e-mail alerts when new comments are posted, allowing everyone to engage in conversation. That way time zone and location is not a concern, and the conversation can continue all week!

*Please note: if you read ahead, be sure not to address anything that happens after page 134 (Chapter 7). No spoilers, please!

Discussion Questions:

In Chapter 5, Diane reveals her struggle with Bulimia. What struck you most about Diane’s experience? Why do think many women—famous or not—battle eating disorders?

Diane kept her eating disorder a secret until now. What value is there in sharing our secrets with others? How do you choose what to reveal about yourself and to whom? 

Diane and Dorothy both write and create collages to work through their thoughts and feelings. How do you think creativity helps a person process their emotions? What medium do you use to express yourself? 

“Every cultural experience came to me by way of Woody Allen, my boyfriend,” says Diane. Who in your life has exposed you to new experiences and helped you cultivate your talents?

What are your impressions about Diane’s romantic relationships with both Woody Allen and Warren Beatty? How do you think these relationships affected Diane’s view of herself as a woman and as an actress?

Chapter 6 compares Diane’s “uphill climb” to becoming a successful young actress to Dorothy’s “downhill slide” as a middle-aged mother with an empty nest. What knowledge and insight can you gain from these two opposing experiences?

On page 113, Diane asks her mother retrospectively,”Did you ever pat yourself on the back for your greatest gift, just being you?” How would you answer this question?

What are your reactions after reading the first 134 pages of the book? What are you eager to find out more about?

Week 3 Assignment:
Read up to page 201 (Chapter 11) for next week’s discussion! Come back on Monday, August 27, when we’ll post new questions.

It’s not too late to join in! Grab a copy of Then Again and join us next week as we continue discussing the book!

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