The Everygirl’s Intro to Yoga

There aren’t many things a girl can do all at once for her emotional, mental, and physical health. Chocolate and best friends cover the first two bases; a treadmill workout will do wonders for your physique. Yoga, however, gracefully intertwines all three aspects of health by incorporating your mind, body and soul.

Given yoga’s benefits, it’s no surprise that people around the country have signed up for anything from traditional classes to hot yoga, core strength training to yoga in the park, and everything in between.  Like most workout classes, joining a studio can be quite expensive, and we know from personal experience that being a yoga neophyte can be more than a little intimidating.

Thankfully, Florida-based yogis Nicole Kaney and Melanie Kasper of Society Wellness have provided us with a pose-by-pose guide to basic yoga moves that you can practice in your apartment, in the park, or anywhere else you can roll out a pastel-colored mat. The six poses can be incorporated into your current daily workout or used as a great jumping off point to start your yoga practice. This series of moves will only take a few minutes, but in that short time it will leave you feeling strong and energized. Consider this part one of The Everygirl’s Intro to Yoga.

Read, pose, and… Namaste.

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