The Everygirl’s Wedding Registry Guide

The wedding registry. The chance to create the ultimate wish list for your home and new life together. What could easily be considered one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding sometimes ends up becoming stressful or overwhelming. To avoid ending up with a dozen serving dishes, mismatched plates, and no flatware at all, we’ve laid out a simple checklist of items all new couples should plan on having in their new home together. Take note that if you already have a number of these items, no need to ask for them unless you want to upgrade!

There are also several key factors to consider:
1. What type of couple are you and your fiance? Do you enjoy cooking? Entertaining? Perhaps you prefer being entertained? Are you both outdoorsy? Do you enjoy wine, cocktails, or beer? All of the above, none of the above? How you answer these questions will determine what you should be registering for. What do we mean? Well, if you prefer one of these activities over the other, you should prioritize registering for items in that department.

2. Consider where you’ll be living after the wedding, and think about space! Storage space that is. Sure you might want all the cool kitchen gadgets or dream of having a grill one day, but where will these items and boxes go in the mean time? If storage, cabinet space, and closets are a non-issue, then register away! Otherwise, try and keep it to the bare essentials and ask for things you really need.

3. Numbers 1 and 2 bring me to my third point. How many place settings do you need? Far too often couples don’t register for enough, thinking four or six will suffice. And maybe that is enough for a year or two. But our recommendation? Take the advice from the wise Nora Ephron. You may recall the line from Sleepless in Seattle when Meg Ryan and Bill Pullman are registering and get asked how many place settings they wanted. They simultaneously respond, “Eight. Six is never enough. Ten is too many.”

4. Finally, your age and place in life will determine what you need off this list. Two 23-year-olds getting married and starting their lives together need a lot more things than two 33-year-olds who have lived in their own furnished spaces for the past ten years and have probably acquired most of the home essentials. The former should consider registering for all of the basics; think of this as a way to build your home together. The latter should consider two options: 1. either upgrading current house-ware, particularly in the dining and linens categories, or 2. starting unconventional registries (i.e., which allows people to pay for things you’re looking to buy like a fabulous honeymoon or even a down payment on a home).

5. When it comes to choosing style of things (plates, glassware, linens), don’t waste time, effort, or stress arguing if you have different taste. When in doubt, choose white. It might seem boring or like the easy way out, but these timeless, traditional styles  are versatile and will last you much longer than gold polka dotted plates you’re currently obsessed with. Add the fun, colorful, patterned stuff later.

6. Try and keep the number of stores you register at to two or three. You can usually get most items in if you choose one of the larger department stores and a smaller specialty shop. See our list below.

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For Serving
chip & dip dish
– large flat serving platter (2-4)
– small flat serving platter (2-4)
– large serving bowl (2-4)
– small serving bowl (2-4)
– salad tongs
– serving spoon
– serving fork
– cake stand
– glass pitcher

For Eating
– dinner plates (8-12)
– salad plates (8-12)
– bowls (8-12)
flatware place setting (8-12)
– steak knives (at least 6)

For Drinking
– drinking glasses (8-12)
– tumblers (8-12)
– mugs (8-12)
– red wine glasses (8-12)
white wine glasses (8-12)
– champagne glasses (8-12)
– cocktail shaker
– bar tools set
– ice bucket & tongs
– wine opener


For Cooking
– knives (chef’s, chopping, bread, etc.)
– non-stick frying pan (2)
– stainless steel frying pan
– grill pan
– 9×9 or 9×12 glass baking dish
– cast iron Dutch oven
mixing bowls (set of 3)
– glass prep bowls
– meat thermometer
– colander
– wood cutting board
– poly cutting board
– heat-resistant tongs
– peeler
– cheese grater
– kitchen shears
– pepper mill & salt grinder
– stainless steel grill tool set

For Baking
– metal sheet trays (2+)
– muffin tin
– cake pan
– measuring cups
– measuring spoons
– wooden spoon
– spatula
– cooling rack


For the Bathroom
– sheet towels (4+)
– hand towels (4+)
– wash cloths (4+)
– shower curtain
– bath mat
– robe (2)

For the Bedroom
– flat sheet
– fitted sheet
– standard pillow cases (2+)
– pillow shams (2 – standard or Euro)
– duvet cover
– blanket or quilt
– down comforter
– pillows (standard and Euro)
– bedskirt

For the Kitchen & Home
– throw blankets
– throw pillows
– doormat
– dish towels
– cloth napkins
– tablecloth
– placemats


For Entertaining
– television
– DVD/BluRay player
– surround sound speakers
– iPod sound system
– camera
– sleep sound machine

For Cooking
– crockpot
– food processor or blender
– toaster or toaster oven
– hand mixer or standing mixer
– espresso machine
– coffee maker

For Cleaning
– vacuum
– dust buster
– hamper
– cordless iron
– ironing board
– steamer
– air purifier
– humidifier


Kitchen Gimmicks You’ll Rarely Use
– quesadilla maker
– panini press
– fondue set
– popcorn maker
– silver dollar pancake pan
– pasta maker

Superfluous Serving Dishes
– cupcake stand
– more than one tiered serving stand
– mismatched serving pieces
– egg platter
– sushi service
– wooden bowls (can only serve dry food in)
– overpriced serving dishes (white porcelain is beautiful and practical)

– expensive frames or decor (your taste might change)
– decorative bowls (you will likely never use them)
– too many vases (no more than 2 or 3)


The Big Guys That Have It All
Bed Bath & Beyond
Crate and Barrel
Neiman Marcus
Pottery Barn

Smaller or Specialty Shops
Best Buy
Heath Ceramics
MoMA Store
Number Four Eleven
Simon Pearce
Stone Textile Studio
Sur la Table
Ten Thousand Villages
Serena and Lily
Tiffany & Co.

*not formal registry / use wish list

Alternative & Online Registries

Click here to download and print off The Everygirl’s Wedding Registry Guide handbook!

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