They call it “Forbes.” And Forbes calls us a Top 100 Website for Women!

The Everygirl was just named a Top 100 Website for Women and Top 10 Website for Millennial Women (aka 20-somethings).

Can you believe it? We are ultra giddy [/recovering from last night’s celebration]! And to be honest, we can’t get over being in the company of some of our favorite sites like, oh, we don’t know… Pinterest. You may have heard of them. Then there’s the HuffingtonPost Women, A Cup of Jo, Zooey Deschanel’s Hello Giggles, and Dooce. And The Everygirl.

Here’s what the editors had to say:

So what do we look for? Informative and compelling content, smart navigable design, engaged communities and, of course, a voice that speaks to and for the female reader that’s kept fresh, timely and in-the-know by savvy staffers and impassioned writers. Inspire us to save money, change the world (or just ourselves), climb the ladder or strike out on our own and we’re getting on board. Of course, there are extra fun points for the sites that suck us in and help to pass the often-painful three-oh-clock hour. But here’s the real challenge: Does it have that amorphous and often indefinable quality that inspires us to share–with our social networks and in e-mails and conversations with our moms, sisters, friends and colleagues.

– Forbes

What an incredible honor. Thank you so much to our talented and hard-working contributors and interns. Thank you to our family and friends. And of course, thank you, dear Everygirls. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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