This or That: At-Home or Gym Workouts

This or That: At-Home or Gym Workouts #theeverygirl

Bidding farewell to the holidays, we welcome 2013 and the fitness resolutions we vow to keep. Whether you swear to wear those yoga pants to somewhere other than the grocery store or you want to increase your weekly sweat sessions, we have different preferences when creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Working out at home can significantly save time and money, especially if you're on a budget. Maybe you prefer a distraction-free environment in the privacy of your own home. Others are gym devotees. Being surrounded by fit bodies can be a great motivator, and you push yourself to cycle faster than the Lululemon-clad girl next to you.

No matter your method, it's important to stay active. Tell us, do you sweat it out at home, or do you get your daily dose of endorphins at the local gym?

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Jessica Kim #theeverygirl

Jessica Kim

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