This or That: Pop Art or Impressionism?

Art is subjective. But we’ve narrowed it down for you. Are you a mid-century American fan? Do you wish you could hit up Studio 54 with Warhol and Cher? Then Jackie, 1964 is most likely your cup of tea.

On the other hand, would you rather be transported to 19th century France and party (well, not party) with the ballerinas of Degas? Fancy a swim in Monet’s lily pond? Then Dancers in Pink is for you.

The Everygirl wants to know, when it comes to art, to which aesthetic do you gravitate? Does it make a difference that Warhol’s image contains a subject we are all familiar with? What do you think representing Jackie Kennedy as such does to the image of her as we know her historical figure? What’s with the Mona Lisa-esque coy smile? Do Degas’ ballerinas evoke a certain “prettiness” accepted as “nice-looking” to all? Or is there something more to this picture?