Three Looks: Lauren of Stylized Existence

  • Styling by: Lauren Corso
  • Copy by: Lauren Corso
  • Graphics:: Chloe List

Fall is quickly approaching, and with cooler days comes the possibility of creating layered looks, through mixing and matching different colors and textures from your wardrobe. Layered outfits are perfect for Fall because they allow you to adjust to sometimes fickle temperatures, and they’re also much more interesting to the eye!

Layering can be a tough craft to master, but Lauren Corso from Stylized Existence is here to guide us through layering for three different occasions. Her two tips for fool-proof layering are 1) Use thin layers, which will help with both your comfort and the sleekness of the look, and 2) Don’t be afraid to mix textures, materials, colors, and prints. As long as they all work with each other, the more variety, the more interesting your look will be. And don’t forget, all of the items in the “Get The Look” are clickable and available for purchase. Now, on to the three looks!

Weekend Casual: Think you need to pack away those white jeans when the temperature drops? Think again! Using earth tones, warm the white jeans up a bit to bring them into the Fall months. The plaid silk blouse is a perfect lightweight foundation to add a v-neck sweater and a vest or jacket over top for a finished look. If it’s really cold outside, pull on a pair of suede boots to keep your feet from freezing.

Weekend Evening: Animal print and a bold color have always been my go-to when I want to create a fun and attention-grabbing outfit, so the combination of the kelly green blouse and the leopard print cardigan are perfect as my base layers for a night out. To keep the look from veering towards too sweet, add a tough leather jacket and some sexy black heels.

Daytime Work: Often, offices can be so cold that it’s tempting to stow a blanket away at your desk. Instead of going down that road, stay warm by layering a thin blouse and a cardigan. Avoid disappearing into the layers by cinching a belt around your waist, over the blouse, to give yourself a defined shape. Lastly, add a blazer, which adds the sophistication necessary for a more formal workplace.

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