Three Looks: Nicole Levine of Frankie Hearts Fashion

LA-native Nicole Levine is the face and voice behind the style blog Frankie Hearts Fashion. She also recently parlayed her love into the newly launched chic and affordable e-commerce store On a daily basis Nicole chronicles her penchant for shoes, clothes, sarcasm, and everything in between. Today she offers Everygirls three drastically different yet equally eye-catching looks.

Brights and neons are among the biggest and boldest trends to wear this season and trends that I definitely love to dive head first into! When pairing these daring hues together I like to use complimentary solids while adding a neutral tone to give some balance to the look. For many, these colors can be extremely scary and intimidating if you are used to wearing more neutral tones. If you want to experiment with this trend but aren’t ready to fully commit to it, try adding bright accessories to a neutral outfit or throwing on a bright cardigan like the one featured here.

Neutral pairings are among my most favorite things to put together. Although soft and subtle, these muted tones have the ability to make quite a splash when worn just the right way! To me, a classic blazer is an absolute must in one’s repertoire. When I found this blazer in cream, the rest of the outfit naturally came together. Sometimes all you need is one piece to inspire an entire outfit! To keep with the chic and sophisticated theme, I opted to try the ever popular “sock bun” making waves all over the web, and a neutral mani with a polka dot accent nail!

My “go to” prints for mixing are the always classic and chic stripe and polka dot. Although mixing prints can be tricky, sticking to basic colors and classic prints will deliver the perfect juxtaposition between the two. I also like to stick to one basic rule; if you have a big bold print on the bottom, then go with a smaller more subdued print on the top. Here, the smaller polka dots fit perfectly together with the thick stripe from the skirt!

Which of the three looks is your favorite?

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