Use Fancy Words: pithy

Fancy word Everygirls should know: pithy

Why we chose this fancy word: Pithy is one of those words that’s fun to say and can be used frequently in regular conversation. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to feel fancy with this adjective.

Definition: pithy (adj.) pronunciation: pith-ee

brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible:
a pithy observation.

Use this word in a sentence: Elizabeth muttered pithy comments under her breath after her bossy older sister left the room.

Have you been using past fancy words?
euphemism=nice way of saying something unpleasant
loquacious = talkative, babbling
osculation = a kiss
resplendent = having a splendid appearance
pedantic = ostentatious in one’s learning
compendium = summary or account of a subject

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