Use Fancy Words: self-effacing

Use Fancy Words: self-effacing #theeverygirl

Fancy word Everygirls should know: self-effacing

Why we chose this fancy word: One of our editors, Alaina, was leafing through her new copy of By Invitation Only by Gilt founders Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson when this familiar word came across the page. Despite having heard it many times in life, she didn't know its exact meaning.

Definition: self-effacing (adj.) pronunciation: self-i-feys-ing

  1. Not drawing attention to oneself; modest.

Use this word in a sentence: The calm, self-effacing brunette preferred working backstage rather than being the star of the show.

Have you been using past fancy words?

risible = causing or capable of causing laughter
parvenu = a suddenly wealthy person without appropriate manners, dress, surroundings
usurious = charging illegal or exorbitant rates of interest for the use of money
blandishment = something that flatters or coaxes
innocuous = not harmful
fruition = attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment
libation = a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity
ubiquitous = existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time
chimerical = highly unrealistic; wildly fanciful
pithy = brief or forceful
euphemism = nice way of saying something unpleasant
loquacious = talkative, babbling
osculation = a kiss
resplendent = having a splendid appearance
pedantic = ostentatious in one’s learning
compendium = summary or account of a subject

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