You Asked: Dallas Shaw Answered

How did you get into fashion illustration? How did you start learning this? I love your drawings and would love to know more about how you started off. Thank you.
P.S. I absolutely love both blogs! so inspiring!
Thanks Hannah! I got into fashion illustration mainly b/c I wanted to work in the fashion industry and all I had was my drawing talent, no contacts in the field, no experience… so I just began teaching myself about fashion illustrations, started drawing them and jumped right in. I contacted designers and basically begged them to hire me. Eventually, they got sick of listening to me- and it worked. And thanks also for the note about the blog. Makes my day to hear that people read it.

I loved your interview, and your illustrations are amazing! It sounds like running your own business involves so many different tasks besides drawing. Do you ever find it hard to work in as much drawing time as you’d like? How do you balance marketing vs. creating, along with the other aspects of your work and life? Thanks again!
I actually love it. For me personally, I am equal parts artist and business woman so I really enjoy the other aspects like pr and marketing…the only thing I didn’t love was the paperwork, so I sometimes work with agents to sort all of the contracts out and read between the lines. I actually need the break from drawing, although I am sure each artist is different. As far as balancing marketing vs creating I have everything scheduled down to the minute for about a month or two in advance to make sure everything happens smoothly.

Hi Dallas, I visited your website and was wondering if you ever sell prints of your illustrations! I live in a house full of men and I am redoing my powder room. It will be the only girly room in the house! Also, where did the #3 pillow on your sofa come from? Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer questions. You are one mighty talented lady!
I don’t sell prints of the illustrations but will be selling the large shoes print shortly. The work now is currently made up of all originals- and you can sometimes find them less expensive at (in the shop section). I have to look up where I got the #3 pillow, it was so so long ago. I have had it for years, but bought it online from the woman who handmade it.  I believe you can find some of them on

I love your story, Dallas, and the way you courageously pursued your passions! How did you develop your personal brand to market yourself strategically to potential employers? Do you prefer social media sites, or personal face-to-face relationship building, or word of mouth to build up awareness about your work? Thank you for your beautiful work!
Well, this one is easy. My personal brand directly reflects me, so developing it I just went with what was natural as far as design and plans. I was told once to develop your brand true to yourself, so you could always be yourself no matter how successful you become. If you are just starting out in the business you need to meet with your clients face to face- it’s important that they know you. I have been doing this for a looong time so currently I rely on word of mouth to bring in new clients – I am at an advantage there b/c my clients are so amazing, that they now send over even more stylish clients. I use social media sites to connect with other fashionistas and women who love personal style.

Hi!! Love your name so much! Can you tell me where you got the little console in your office? It’s under a frame with 3 drawn shoes. And also the pink painting in the photo with your gold kate spade shoes?
Thank you! Of course, the console is from Bungalow 5, and the painting is by yours truly. You can commission those paintings as well on the site just email

Photo by Alison Conklin

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