Your Ultimate Holiday Party Planning Guide

Last year I hosted my first big holiday party for more than just a few friends and, I’ll admit, I was pretty frazzled. The prospect of feeding people, providing drinks, ridding our home of all the pet hair (which seems to accumulate overnight), making a fool-proof playlist, and maintaining a collected persona took a lot of wine, deep breathing, planning, and, did I mention, wine? While I’d consider it a success, it’s safe to say that I learned a thing or two after the fact. When I discussed the experience with The Everygirl team, we commiserated about the ups and downs of entertaining during the holidays. And thus, here is The Everygirl’s Guide to Holiday Entertaining.

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The Location

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We’ve all uttered the same excuses to forgo entertaining, and chief among them is the idea that you don’t have enough space or your home isn’t “nice” enough. Well, I’m here to put the kibosh on that theory! Listen, one of my favorite holiday parties of all time took place in a studio apartment of all places!

Instead of looking at your location as a hindrance or limitation, allow it to set the tone for the kind of party you host. If you’re in a small space, opt for something cozy and intimate with candles, floor pillows, and blankets around the coffee table for dessert and drinks.

If you’re in a large space and have the luxury of a separate dining area, go a bit grander with a big buffet or potluck dinner. Ultimately, the holidays are about bringing people together, not the square footage or finishes of your home. This is your mantra.


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Between everyone on our team, we’ve gotten the word out about our holiday gatherings in pretty much every medium: Facebook invites, text messages, online invites and mailed ones! There’s an option to suit every budget and timeline (some are even free). We recommend sending out three to six weeks in advance since holiday social calendars fill up quickly! A few of our favorite invites around the web…

Digital Invites

Sparkle Soiree Holiday Party Invite

Car Full of Gifts Invite 

Eat Drink and Be Merry 

Printed Invites

Call Me Old Fashioned Invites 

Source: Grand Soiree Foil-Pressed Invitation 

Chavignon Holiday Party Invites 

2. Food

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I usually start my party planning by pinning 2,600 holiday recipes that I plan to make from scratch, and then later realize I only have about five forks and need to solve this before I can even think about making a pie crust. The good news? There’s no need for any of this stress.

Small Bites/Appetizers

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Lately frozen appetizers have really stepped up their game (we rely on Trader Joes for any holiday party we throw). Opt for flatbreads and pastry bites so people can easily eat while standing and mingling, and you’ll save yourself a bundle of time, money, and all of your sanity! (Do not buy new ingredients for a single recipe! Too much trouble.)

Serve Room Temperature Foods

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Including a few dishes that can be served at room temperature keeps you from having to time everything perfectly (if you’re anything like me, you won’t!) and assures you won’t have any hungry guests in case you have a catastrophe in the kitchen (if you’re anything like me, you will!).

Need help planning what actually goes on those gorgeous Pinterest cheese boards? We’ve got that right here. Investing in a nice cheese tray and knives to make the display extra special will further up the ante, and you’ll be able to use them during the rest of the season and beyond. (Shop a few of our favorite pieces below!)

3. Dessert

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Now isn’t the time to become a holiday hero: speaking from experience, I wouldn’t be tempted to experiment with an intricate pie recipe that you’ve never tried before. Instead, jazz up some classic chocolate chip cookies with sea salt and thyme, or set out some festive bowls of candy with a hot chocolate bar (just use a crockpot to keep it warm!).

A few of our favorite store-bought treats for the holidays: Macy’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies , Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark, World Market Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Joe Joe’s 

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3. Drinks

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While I totally appreciate wanting to be the perfect host who provides anything your guests could ever want, I also appreciate that your bank account wants otherwise. It’s very likely that people will ask what they can bring, and it’s more than okay to suggest that they bring some wine or beer for themselves to drink.

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Here’s what we recommend we having on hand (even if guests are also BYOBing!):

– A couple bottles of wine in case the first guests to arrive aren’t bearing any themselves (never underestimate the power of Two Buck Chuck).
– A signature cocktail as opposed to multiple types of liquor and mixers can save you money in the long run. A good cider or bourbon drink adds a festive flair, and you can make a big batch ahead of the party, making it easy for guests to serve themselves. Just be sure to try out the recipe ahead of time to be sure you’re happy with outcome!
– Ice, soda water, and Coke or Pepsi. If you’re feelin’ fancy, pick up a few sprigs of rosemary and mint for garnish.


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Our whole team has used paper cups more times than we can count, but if you plan to entertain more than once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to invest in something that can stay with you for the long haul. Pick up a nice set of barware that you can use all year round, and ask close friends to bring a few of their own pieces so you can mix and match! We’ve also been known to take a trip to the thrift store when in need of some extra stemware, since they often sell great options for less than $1 a pop.

Food Display

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Set up a big buffet and dessert table, making sure its stocked from the get-go so you can enjoy mingling. Small space? A coffee table or TV stand can double as a food buffet! Keep the screen off (unless you opt to play a classic holiday movie on mute) or turn Yule Log fireplace on in the background.

Pro Tip: If you’re offering food that needs to be warmed up, enlist the help of a close friend or two to be in charge of making sure things get in and out of the oven on time (you can keep most foods warm in the oven at 200 degrees!).


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No matter your timeline or budget, holiday greenery and candles make a huge impact without costing a fortune or taking a ton of time to style. I’ve picked up fresh wreaths and garland from the grocery store for as little as $10, but if you want something that you can use next year as well, there are plenty of options that you can keep and store until your next holiday shindig.

In the mood for something a little more whimsical? Trade the garland for some sparkly tinsel instead.

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Consider this item checked off your list, because we’ve created the perfect holiday soundtrack (if we do say so ourselves) so you can forget about playing DJ and focus on enjoying your party. If you don’t have a computer or speaker system, ask around and see if you can borrow one before the big day. The only exception to this rule? If you can snag a record player, there’s nothing cheerier than vinyl and cocktails for the holidays. 



Games and Activities

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It never hurts to throw in a few icebreakers to help your guests relax and enjoy themselves. A few crowd-pleaser board games can do wonders for your mix of friends who don’t already know each other. I’m also a big proponent of the photo booth (I mean, who isn’t?). Grab an instax camera (we’ve had luck borrowing from a friend if you don’t have one of your own!) and a few fun holiday accessories to easily create one in any viable corner of your home, no matter the size.

Your turn! What holiday entertaining tips do you swear by? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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