10 Apps to Help You with New Year’s Resolutions

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey
  • Featured Image by: Sonya Esman

You rang in the New Year with a slew of resolutions and fresh resolve that this going to be the year you accomplish your lofty goals.

But there’s one major hang-up: New Year’s resolutions are always (and I do mean always) easier said than done.

Though we can’t guarantee you that this is the year you’ll accomplish every one of your goals, we can try to give you the tools to make sticking with your plans as simple and easy as possible.

Here are 10 apps to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions:

Fitness/Exercise Apps


Is cardio your plan for 2016? Strava is more than just an exercise app, it’s a GPS tracker that maps out your runs/bike routes and lets you share them with other users. Find better routes and stay motivated by seeing how far others are going.

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Nike+ Training Club

For those who want to do more strength training but aren’t sure where to start, this is the app for you. Depending on your individual goals, you can choose from different workouts put together by Nike trainers, sign up for four-week programs, and track your progress with other users.

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Food/Diet Apps


Though counting calories can help you lose weight, it doesn’t guarantee that you’re actually eating food that’s good for you. Fooducate doesn’t care about calories so much as actual nutrients, and will help you determine if you’re eating balanced meals and getting the fuel you need for your workouts. Scan barcodes, select and create recipes, and track what you eat without the stress of the calorie count.

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How to Cook Everything

If you’ve made a goal to cook more at home in 2016, look no further. Think of this app like an interactive cookbook, with links to videos and resources if you’re unsure of a certain technique. The bonus? There are plenty of healthy recipes to choose from and it’s very easy to make healthier substitutions within the app.

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Green Kitchen

Want to eat less meat or even just lighten up your diet with more vegetables? Green Kitchen is chock-full of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes. The cooking instructions are easy to follow and the app will even text you customized grocery lists to make shopping easy.

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Organizational Apps 

Level Money

If getting your spending budget in check for 2016 isn’t a priority, it should be. After you link your account information to Level Money, the app tracks spending and auto-updates with your purchases. The app knows how much you want to save each month and will adjust your daily spending allowances if you splurge one day so that you don’t get off track. This app is a game changer.

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Think of Evernote as a to-do list on steroids. This productivity tracker is a one-stop way to make to-do lists, plan trips, organize shopping lists, and so much more. The best thing about Evernote is that you can choose to use it in any way that works for you, depending on how much information you need organized.

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Self-Improvement Apps


2016 could be the year you learn a new language. Oui? DuoLingo’s simple, highly visual lessons use proven techniques to make language learning easy. It’s almost impossible to become fluent in a foreign language without spending time in the native country, but DuoLingo can bring you up to a functioning level before your next trip.

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Do you have a habit that needs breaking, or do you want to start making some good ones?

They say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit. With this app, you insert a habit you want to make/break and then track your progress daily. Here’s the kicker: You need to pay $21.00 up front, and the app will give you a dollar back for every day you’re successful. If you fail, the app donates your money to charity. Think of it as an investment in your future!

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Finding a way to effectively give back to the community can be harder than it seems, especially when trying to sort through heaps of companies and websites online. GiveGab is an app that connects you to volunteer opportunities near your location. Whether you want to commit to something long-term in your city or just want to give back for a day while traveling, the app sorts volunteer opportunities by category and location.

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What are your New Year’s resolutions? What apps should we download? Start a discussion in the comments!