10 Fashion Trends to Expect in 2017

The air is buzzing with gym membership renewals and the need to reinvent our wardrobe for the new you (among a million other soon-to-be broken resolutions). But whether you’ve decided on a big change or to embrace your love of broken-in sweat pants, here are 10 fashion trends to expect in 2017.

1. Pink (is the new black)

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Source: Style News

Pink is back in business in every possible shade and hue imaginable. You can’t escape it, and why would you want to? It was in every collection on the runways, it warms every skin tone, and is known to evoke feelings of love and romance. Soft, sharp, neon, or muted—pink is here to stay.


2. 90s Stripes

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Source: Vanessa Jackman

Sporty 90s stripes are now the equivalent to a basic white t-shirt. Prepare to see a lot of bold primary stripes in every kind of shape and silhouette. For the daring fashionista, mix and match with a different width stripe or an opposite print. 2017 might just be the perfect time to pull out that Tommy Hilfiger windbreaker from the back of your closet.

3. Athluxury (not to be confused with athleisure)

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Leave your Nike leggings behind and say hello to country club bourgeois! Athluxury is a lot less street-wear and more about easy elegance. (Think slouchy track pant trouser.) I know you don’t believe me now but give it a few months and you’ll never go back to any other pant.


4. Statement Earrings

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Source: Vanessa Jackman

Bold, alluring statement earrings are trending. From Marni to McQueen, over-the-shoulder mix-matched sparkles are everywhere. Go ahead and raid your mom’s old jewelry box full of gems and march into 2017 like the fierce, stylish woman you are.


5. “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

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I know, I know, every spring season is always leaping with garden party florals, but this year you can anticipate the revival of the 60s Mod style. Small or oversized, monochromatic or neon, every store will soon be packed with groovy Mod florals.


6. 80s Sleeves

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Source: Not Your Standard

For two seasons the details of the 80s have dominated the streets—and I’m here to tell you it’s just going to get worse. Mutton sleeves, bell sleeves, bishop sleeves, they’re all here to stay. I know a lot of these styles can seem daunting, but they are actually very wearable.


7. Bad Girls Club

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Whether you were in the bad girls club in high school or you wanted to be, 2017 is giving you a second chance. You can expect high fashion slogan tees mixed with ladylike silhouettes in unusual fabrics. This trend is definitely not for the faint of heart—it’s bold, eclectic, and sprinkled with just the right amount of leather. Think Joan Jett mixed with Penny Lane.


8. Mega Platforms

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Platforms are surging! They are the must-have new shoe—and the chunkier the better. Whether a platform or flatform (for added height with less risk of toppling), wooden or laced, you can expect to see several variations of this height-enhancing footwear.

9. Utilitarian

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Last year we traded in our practical cargos and strong tailored-wear for a wardrobe full of soft flowing ruffles. And it’s back! Square shoulders, oversized pockets, and a rainbow of khakis, olives, and nude are in. Air force jackets, working man blazers, and mechanic jumpsuits will rule this coming year in new and sleek way. Pair oversized cargo pockets with sleek sophisticated silhouettes.


10. Bra Top

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We’ve already seen a resurgence of bodysuits and play-sets in 2016, but prepare yourself to start seeing a lot more skin in 2017. Bralettes and swimwear-inspired bra tops will dominate this season. Best for those who carry a lot of confidence (and not so much cleavage), bra tops will be the go-to base layer. Pair it with an oversized maxi skirt or cropped denim—and start doing crunches now.