10 in 20: Summer Fruit Recipes

Summer’s all about eating light and fit, and we’re especially keen on the trend when fruit takes center stage. Today’s 10 in 20 roundup includes a refreshing yogurt with seasonal fruit, a nectarine fruit salad, and a summer tiramisu (as well as seven other tasty, easy, and fresh recipes!).

So, give a few a try and let us know how you use fruit in your favorite summer recipes! 

1. Summer Tiramisu with Mango & Lime 

2. Stone Fruit Panzanella 

3. Morning Yogurt with Summer Fruit

4. Fresh Blueberry & Mint Lemonade

5. Cheesecake Tart

6. Summer Fruit & Halloumi Salad

7. Poached Peaches

8. Cherry Pie Bars

9. Summer Fruit Tart

10. Nectarine and Summer Fruit Salad

What’s your favorite summer fruit? Tell us below or via our social media handles with the hashtag #TheEverygirlCooks