10 Netflix Original Shows to Watch This Year

let the binge-watching begin

Aside from being less obsessed with Stranger Things and more inclined to go to bed before 10pm, we’re not sure what life would be like without Netflix.  From always convincing us to watch another episode (no need to ask twice – really) to never judging us when we’ve actually watched 5 more, Netflix continues to be one of our favorite platforms to binge on.

With so many streaming options and a new year that only offers more of them, it should come as no shock that Netflix has already announced some shows to look out for. With this being said, here are 10 Netflix original shows coming this year.


1. The End of the F***ing World

Release Date: January 5
Meet James – your typical 17 year old teenager (who believes he’s a psychopath) and Alyssa – the relatable teenager in love with James (who literally wants to kill her). As quirky as it is dark, The End of the F***ing World takes us on a road trip with these two unlikely characters to find Alyssa’s dad – and maybe themselves in the process.


2. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

Release Date: January 12
We knew him for over 30 years from Late Show with David Letterman and now we’ll remember him for his newest series – My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. As the name implies, David Letterman is back from retirement and interviewing global figures (such as Barack Obama and Tina Fey) in this interesting spinoff with his reputation as a TV legend.


3. Somebody Feed Phil

Release Date: January 12
You are what you eat – and no one is living this statement like Phil Rosenthal. As the previous producer of Raymond, he’s now setting out on his greatest adventure yet – traveling the world to discover good food on a cheap budget. With his humor and light hearted nature, Phil shows us all that where you go doesn’t matter as much as what you eat when you get there.


4. Altered Carbon

Release Date: February 2
For anyone who enjoys a good sci-fi thriller, this show is the perfect combination of mind-bending and adrenaline-rushing. Based in a future where consciousness can be digitalized and stored, humans live eternally by having their memories transferred to new bodies. And the body that lone-soldier Takeshi Kovacs wakes up in? The one of a man – who he now has to solve the murder of.


5. Everything Sucks!

Release Date: February 16
Although we can’t relive the past, we can finally revisit it – in this endearing 90s comedy that follows the encounter of two groups of high school misfits (the A/V club and the drama club) in Oregon. Whether you were captain of the dance team or leader of the math club, Everything Sucks! will remind you of the struggles of fitting in and the nostalgia of growing up.


6. Seven Seconds

Release Date: February 23
From Veena Sud, the creator of The Killing, comes a new crime drama of racial tension  after a white police officer hits and injures a black teenager. Deemed as the trial of the century, this thriller brings forth the quality of human life and the truth behind media headlines.


7. Dirty Money

Release Date: March 5
Money makes the world go round – and in this series, the corruption rate go higher. A documentary that explores the greed of large corporations, Dirty Money investigates 6 stories that face the question of how far businesses will go to make money and how powerful they must be in order to avoid the consequences of their decisions.


8. Raising Dion

Release Date: TBD
While we all wished for superpowers as children, this show depicts the story of a mother who raises Dion – her child who actually has them. Heartfelt and empowering, this drama dives into the importance of family and the idea that our parents are just as much humans as they are heroes.


9. A Little Help with Carol Burnett

Release Date: TBD
We’re always told that we’re our own greatest critics – but A Little Help with Carol Burnett might be proving us otherwise. Best known for her legend as a comedian, she stars in this unscripted show that invites children to give advice to celebrities and people alike in front of a live audience.


10. Insatiable

Release Date: TBD
Sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned and this true story rendition of a lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach is an example of why. Dissatisfied with his career, Bob turns to the beauty pageant world and takes on Patty – a bullied client who is about to be his greatest challenge yet.