11 Entertaining Essentials for Your Summer Soiree

Our favorite time of year is finally here—summer! The best part? Spending time outside (particularly on patios) with people we love. If you’re hosting friends, you’re already planning out the obvious things: food, dinnerware, drinks, and lots of ice. But, there are a few things that make for a calmer environment and a more seamless evening. Hosting can be stressful! You’re running around getting last minute ingredients, putting the finishing touches on your dessert, and fluffing pillows.

So there’s no better time than now to get your kitchen and outdoor space ready for guests. We’ve already shown you the essentials for a great patio, but now we’re breaking down the elements of hosting.

String Lights

Nothing helps us unwind quite like soft lighting.

Fire Pit

Whether it’s marshmallows or long talks with good friends, we’ve all made some special memories around the fire.


Grilling is a great quick way to cook for a group, and you’re already outdoors where the party is.

Beverage Tub

A low maintenance solution for all those cans and bottles.

Citronella Candle

There are endless things to love about summer. Bugs, however, are not one of them, particularly bug bites. Keep the pests away from your guests by lighting a few of these. We also love this citronella candle.

Serving Board

Half the fun of entertaining is in the presentation. Give that delicious spread a home!

Beverage Dispenser

Simplify your to-do list by making drinks in large batches and serving them from a spout.


Cut down on waste with a set of linen cloth napkins.

Serving Bowl

Serve food family style at the table. You’ll need fewer decor pieces and have more time around the table.

Serving Utensils

Any time you serve food in large quantities, you’ll need a few extra utensils. These salad servers are more than affordable!

Outdoor Rug

Make your patio livelier with an outdoor rug to complete the space.

What’s your entertaining must-have item?