12 Editors’ Picks from the 2017 Ikea Catalog

Fall will be here before we know it, and IKEA’s 2017 catalog has us dreaming of nights in with a cozy blanket and our new favorite Netflix series. From couches to kitchenware to closets, our editors selected their top 12 picks from the catalog, perfect for that mid-year home makeover.

1. Soderhamn Sofa Series

Source: Livet Hemma

This sofa series is a modern take on comfort, allowing you to sit low and deep, with loose back cushions for extra support. The Soderhamn offers multiple sections to fit your space, or, you can choose one piece to suit a smaller space.


2. Falsterbo Wall Shelf

Source: Livet Hemma

Functional and sleek, the Falsterbo wall shelf is dynamic enough to work in the kitchen, living room, or office. The shelves have a ledge to prevent objects from easily sliding off, and as a bonus, you can hang two shelves side-by-side for extra over-the-kitchen-sink storage.


3. Alex Desk

Source: Livet Hemma

A simple and streamlined design make the Alex desk a great foundational piece for any office (and it comes in both gray and white). Two deep drawers are ideal for hiding loose cords and cables, while still keeping them in close range.


4. Elvarli Standing Closet

Is your apartment or home lacking closet space? The Elvarli standing closet is an open storage solution that will be your saving grace. You can easily adjust shelves and closet rails to customize based on your storage needs.


5. Turbo Clothes Rack

If you don’t need a robust closet solution but are looking for extra room to hang items, the Turbo clothes rack is your go-to. It’s also lighteweight and easy to assemble—just click in and out.


6. Ikkornes Floor Mirror

Source: Livet Hemma

Adding a floor mirror to a small bedroom is a great way to create the illusion of more space. You can also hang tomorrow’s outfit behind the mirror to make your morning a breeze.


7. Gladom Tray Table

Small and multi-functional, this modern-looking tray table can be placed anywhere in the home—the whole table or just the tray top. It comes in soft colors like dusty yellow and green (pictured here). It’s also super affordable at only $29.99.


8. Knotten Standing Desk

For those of us who need a break from sitting at our 9-to-5 jobs, the Knotten standing desk is a great alternative. A take on a traditional writing desk, the Knotten has several storage spaces in different sizes, meaning you can keep your calendars, mail, keys, and even your laptop in one spot.


9. Ranarp Clamp Light

Source: Livet Hemma

The Ranarp lamp is the perfect addition to your bedside. When mounted as a wall lamp, it can be easily adjusted to aim the light where you need it most (i.e. that can’t-put-down book you just started).


10. Ryggestad Dining Table

Source: Livet Hemma

The Ryggestad dining table seats six, making it the perfect addition to a smaller kitchen space. Or, add a bench and an end seat for more potential seating (as pictured). It also has pre-drilled holes, so it’s easy to assemble for those of us who aren’t inclined step-by-step

11. Senior Cast Iron Cookware

Source: Livet Hemma

Love the castiron look but not the price tag? This IKEA series is an affordable option, with pots made of heat-retaining cast iron and coated with enamel. And now is the perfect time to invest, since slow-cooked meal season is right around the corner.

12. Fortrolig Food Containers

And with all those leftovers from your crockpot meals, you’ll need to invest in some snap-and-lock tupperware. These transparent containers make digging through your fridge a thing of the past, and with an air-tight seal, your food will stay fresh longer. Bring on the chili.

What are your favorite picks from the 2017 IKEA catalog? 


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