12 Stylish Living Rooms That Are All The Inspiration You Need

The living room is perhaps the most important room of the house — it’s where you gather with friends and family, where you open presents on Christmas morning, and where you curl up with a book and a cup of tea on a rainy day at home. It needs to be comfortable enough to feel cozy for movie night, but pretty enough to be your main space for entertaining. Sure, it’s a lot of pressure for one room, but not to worry — we’ve gathered enough inspo for you to achieve your dream space. No matter what your personal taste, lifestyle, or budget, we have the perfect living room inspo and decor for you.


For the girl who… wants a calm space.

This room is all about sticking to the neutrals. Stick to neutral colors with all of the main pieces in the room, then layer in subtle, soft color with accent pieces and artwork.





For the girl who… loves jewel tones.

This room focuses around one thing: a super unique couch. Start by choosing a couch that pops, then design the rest of the room to coordinate with it.





For the girl who… thrives on natural light.


The problem with this room? We’d never want to leave it. Achieve the fresh, airy feel with beige furniture and shades of blue accented throughout.





For the girl who… has an eclectic taste.


This room is all about statement pieces and unique accents. Keep your walls neutral, then fill your room with eclectic, vintage pieces that speak to you (or that you already have!).





For the girl who… is all about the neutral palette.


This room proves that minimalist definitely doesn’t mean boring. Choose a mix of both modern and traditional neutrally-colored pieces, and get rid of anything you don’t actually use in the room to steer clear of any clutter.





For the girl who… thinks millennial pink is a neutral.


This room ditches all notions of minimalism and dives into color for a bold, attention-grabbing feel. Choose bright, eye-catching colors that compliment each other, and top it off with a gallery wall full of your favorite images — anything goes.





For the girl who… is all about the accessories.


This space can evolve as frequently as you do. Start with neutral, classic furniture, and spice it up with a mix of patterned throw pillows and accessories that cater to your style of the moment.





For the girl who… may be short on space, but not on style.


This room grabs your attention with the details in its killer gallery wall. Get it by choosing black and white prints embellished with hints of gold throughout. The finishing touch? A few pops of pink.





For the girl who… wants all white everything.


This room nails a clean, minimalist look, while still remaining warm and inviting. Stick to beige, black, and white, and compliment it with different color metal hardware.





For the girl who… wants to make a statement.


Nothing changes the feel of a room quite like a chandelier can. Keep it simple in terms of furniture and artwork, and finish the room off with a chandelier that pops.





For the girl who… needs a feminine space to call home.


We’re obsessed with the feminine, fun details that this room is centered around. This room mixes the classic with the bold — start with white fabrics, then mix in bold textures and patterns throughout.





For the girl who… is a little preppy.


This room remains super cohesive by sticking to a blue and white color scheme. Paint your walls a cool-toned grey, choose bright white furniture, and finish by adding in navy and white accent pieces.