15 Favorite Boots To Wear This Winter

Boots: One footwear option you truly cannot get through winter without. Luckily, we can’t really get enough of them. High heeled, flat, suede, leather, for snow or warm, casual or dressy—there is suitable boot for every occasion this winter. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorites, you know, in case you’ve got some Christmas money to burn!

1. Neutral Suede Ankle Boots

A versatile item that you’ll reach for again and again are neutral suede booties. They’re ideal for any casual occasion and truly go with everything. Plus, we love the heel on this pair, which gives you a teensy bit of height but are still perfectly comfortable when you’re on your feet all day. Wear these with jeans (tuck in skinnies or roll straight legs so there’s a bit of ankle exposed).

2. The Perfect Riding Boot

You can argue that many styles come and go, but the riding boot is one that will always stay. It’s worth investing in a durable leather pair in a pretty brown color, which can be worn with any color in your closet. If you care for them properly, they’ll last a decade!

3. Feminine Bow Wellies 

If the chunky rain boots everyone seems to have aren’t your style, try going for a more feminine look like these black wellies with an adorable bow in the back. They’ll add a girly touch to any outfit!

4. Heeled Strappy Booties 

These suede boots are a little bit of everything, and that’s why we love them! A little casual, a little dressy, a little classic, a little edgy—we’ll take them in each color, please!

5. Chelsea Boots 

Chelsea boots are equestrian-style boots, characterized by their slightly above-the-ankle cut, as well as the U-shaped elastic piece at either side of the ankle. You can find them with or without heels, but we especially love the versatile, flat-heeled variety that will instantly make any outfit more polished. (They especially look great with jeans!) Plus, the elastic makes them comfortable, and a snap to get on and off.


6. Flat Gold Ankle Boots

These flat, low-cut, metallic ankle boots just might replace your oxfords or ballet flats to instantly give your look a golden edge. They’ll make simple jeans and a t-shirt look like a million bucks!


7. Deep Wine Heeled Booties 

Try swapping your go-to pair of heeled booties with this pair in a rich, wine-colored hue to make a major statement!

8. Jodphur Boots 

We love the classic look of the Jodphur boot, especially this two-toned leather and suede number—the dual texture adds extra interest to your outfit, and the black color makes them easy to dress up for dinner!

9. Minimalistic “Go With Everything” Black Booties 

If you’re going to buy ONE pair of black booties, this pair would likely be a top contender. A modest heel, sleek design, with a slightly rounded pointed toe. Do you find yourself wondering, “What do I wear to x occasion?” These are the shoes for you—they’re suitable for any setting, casual or dressy.


10. Olive Ankle Boots

Black, brown, beige—but have you ever considered olive? It’s a hue that we don’t often consider in our normal rotation but olive is a neutral too!

11. Chic Rain Ankle Booties 

Less than enthused about normal rain wellies? Cue this chic, budget-friendly pair! We bet you didn’t even notice they were rain boots, did you? These will keep you dry and stylish.

12. Leopard Booties 

Winter style is typically associated with muted tones, lack of color, and a lot of black. But who says you can’t have a little fun? We love this leopard pair, which are sure to add a hefty dose of playfulness to your outfit—even if you are wearing all black!

13. Black OTK Boots 

You’ve seen them everywhere. (Seriously, everywhere.) And if you haven’t purchased a pair of these gorgeous boots by now, it’s likely because they’re out of your price range. But guess what? We found these stunners for just $58. (You’re welcome!)

14. Stylish Snow Boots 

Just because it’s dumping snow outside does not mean you have to be waddling around in puffy footwear. (The worst!) We love this pair of Sorel boots because they are chic, functional, and totally worth the investment.

15. Peep Toe Booties 

Warm weather ladies, we didn’t forget about you! For those who have the luxury of baring toes in January, these booties are the ideal pair. The peep-toe means you can wear them in winter, spring, summer or fall!

What’s your favorite pair of winter boots? What other roundups would you like to see here on The Everygirl?