16 Stylish Tech Accessories We Are Loving

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be—getting organized, learning something new, or just aiming to find more joy in the every day—these amazing tech accessories will surely help you do that. Scroll below to see our 16 favorites that prove techy can still be stylish!

1. Chic Smartphone Wallet 

Thanks to this combo wallet/cell phone holder from Mochithings, you’ll never have to send a search party to find your phone at the bottom of your bag again. It holds credit cards, has a spot for cash, and even has a headphone jack to listen to tunes. Gosh, you’re so organized!

2. Cheeky iPhone Case 

This cheeky cell phone case will always leave you smiling (and serve as a nice reminder that happy hour is never that far away)!


3. Cell Phone Charging Clutch 

Say what? We’d love wearing this stylish fringe clutch without the tech benefits, but the fact that it comes with a built-in cell phone charger puts it over the top. Perfect for the girl who is always running around with her battery in red.

4. Gold Macbook Case 

Image source: Style At Home 

Drooling over the gold Macbook that just isn’t in the budget? (Us too!) The good news is you can make your existing laptop just as pretty with this gold case. (How about that $35 price tag? You savvy shopper, you.)

5. Leather Cord Keepers 

No more tangled up ear buds and USB cables! These little leather cord keepers are an organized (or wannabe organized) girl’s best friend.

6. Portable Battery Charger 

You’ll want one of these cute backup phone chargers in every bag! (Which is great, because with the price tag you can probably afford a few!) Never have to worry about being stranded with a dead phone again. (Less worry in 2016? Yes, please.)


7. Minimalist Tech Folio 

Keep all your tech things organized along with all of your business essentials with this stylish and minimalistic leather folio. (It comes in multiple colors, too!) Finally, you can be that girl with “all her stuff together.” (Wink.)


8. Leather iPad Sleeve

We love this feminine blush iPad case, which keeps it chic and safe. Even better, it’s handmade in San Francisco.


9. Stylish Leather Camera Strap


So maybe cameras fall into the technological grey area, but we couldn’t resist sharing these ultra stylish camera straps that we found on Etsy. They’re fully customizable and come in several beautiful colors. Whether you’re a pro or just beginning to dabble in photography, this strap will top your list of favorite accessories.


10. Apple Watch Wrap Bracelet 

Take your Apple watch from tech to chic with this handmade leather wrap bracelet. (It comes in multiple colors, too!)


11. USB Tassle Keychain 

Cute keychain accessory? Look closer and you’ll see this tassle doubles as a USB cable! Because who doesn’t love multi-tasking?


12. Floral Print iPhone Charger 

Swap your regular iPhone charger with this floral version and you’ll never deal with another “wait, is this my charger or yours?” mix-up again!


13. Incognito Fitbit Bracelet 

Love your fitbit but loathe the way it looks? This gorgeous wrap bracelet  is well worth the splurge—you can’t even tell it’s a tech accessory! Fit and fashionable is a great combination, don’t you think?

14. Mobile Lens Kit 

Up your Instagram game with this mobile lens kit which includes macro, fisheye, and wide-angle lenses—complete with a lens clip that works on most smartphone and tablet cameras.


15. Confetti Phone Case 

This glittery confetti phone case will add a little sparkle to even the gloomiest winter day!


16. Laptop Pouch 

Keep your laptop safe from scratches with this patterned laptop sleeve. (It’s so cute, we’re also tempted to use it as a clutch!)


Do you have any favorite tech accessories right now? Do tell!