20 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Football Season

It is officially upon us. Whether or not you’re a fan, you have to admit that football culture permeates into nearly every corner of America once the leaves start to change. And though I do consider myself a football lover (Go Frogs!), as much as I love sitting on metal bleachers in 100-degree heat (#TexasForever, amirite), there’s a special place in my heart for the part of football that happens before a single whistle is blown.

Wait, am I talking about tailgating? In your mind, you’re probably picturing burly dudes huddled around a George Foreman, eagerly awaiting the soggy hot dogs they’ll wash down with their Bud Light. Think again, my friends, think again.

For many university and professional teams alike, tailgating is as much a part of gameday as the game itself. Don’t believe me? How about when Rory and Lorelai went with Richard and Emily to the Harvard-Yale game? If that’s a little too boujee, how about that scene where Zac Efron gets a little wild at a tailgate in Neighbors 2? If you’re still not buying it, here’s a picture of my own: Proof that I myself am a tried-and-true, loud and proud tailgater.



Want to be a tried-and-true, loud and proud tailgater too? Here are 20 recipes to get your tailgating (or at-home football party) up to par (Wait, wrong sport… Let me try again). Here are 20 recipes to take your tailgating game straight into the end zone!


1. BLT Pinwheels


2. Crockpot Spinach Artichoke Dip

Source: Munchkin Time


3. Taco Cups


4. Mini Macaroni and Cheese Bites


5. Baked Pizza Roll-Ups


6. Cheesy Pigs in a Blanket


7. Mason Jar Five Layer Dip

Source: Delish


8. Ham & Cheese Sliders


9. Chicken and Waffle Sliders


10. Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs


11. Spicy Pretzels


12. Spicy-Sweet Deviled Eggs

Source: MyRecipes


13. Chicken and Honey Sandwiches

Source: MyRecipes


14. Zucchini Tots


15. Walking Tacos


16. Pumpkin Spice Donut Muffins


17. BBQ Chicken Bites


18. Loaded Baked Potato Croquettes


19. Corn Dog Mini Muffins


20. Grilled Zucchini Nachos


What are your favorite recipes to make for gameday? Share your favorites in the comments!