20 Fashion Labels You’ve Probably Been Saying Wrong

  • Copy by: Jess Keys

With the recent wrap-up of New York Fashion Week, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all that is happening in the Big Apple. Fashion news and runway shows are seemingly everywhere, flooding our Instagram feed, TV shows, magazines, and sometimes even our traditional news outlets. And whether you realize it or not, Fashion Week undoubtedly plays a huge role in our culture, from what’s in the media to what clothes we put on each day—trends that are born in Manhattan and eventually trickle down to our very favorite bargain retailer (insert The Devil Wears Prada reference here).

So maybe you can’t wait to join in the Fashion Week chatter, but there’s just one problem: How do you pronounce the designers? You might fall in love with Prabul Gurung’s new line while browsing the Huffington Post, but never speak of it aloud for the sheer fear of, well—completely botching pronunciation.

We’re not about to let you hold your tongue for fear of sounding silly. Use our guide below or scroll through the slideshow above to be an expert in no time. (No French lessons necessary!)

  1. Acne: Technically it’s Ahk-nay (but pronouncing it like the frustrating skin condition is basically normal, too.)
  2. Badgley Mischka: Badge-lee meesh-kah
  3. Burberry: Burr-bur-ee (nope, no berries here.)
  4. Elie Saab: Ee-lee sahb (as in, “I’d like the Spicy Crunch Roll, hold the Eel, please.”)
  5. Givenchy: Zjee-von-shee
  6. Hermes: Er-Mez
  7. Joie: Zjwah (same as the French expression, “Joie de Vivre.“)
  8. Lanvin: Lahn-vahn (like your favorite Wedding Crasher.)
  9. Christian Louboutin: Christian Lou-bou-ton
  10. Marchesa: Mar-kay-zah
  11. Monique Lhuillier: Mo-neek Loo-lee-ay
  12. Moschino: Mos-key-no
  13. Miu Miu: Mew Mew (as in the cat.)
  14. 3.1 Phillip Lim: Phillip Lem
  15. Prabal Gurung: Prubble (rhymes with “trouble”) Goo-rung
  16. Proenza Schouler: Pro-en-zuh skool-er (like Schoolhouse Rock.)
  17. Ralph Lauren: Ralf lor-en (think the girl’s name, not Sophia.)
  18. Rodarte: Ro-dar-tay (‘Tay.’ Shake it off.)
  19. Saint Laurent: San lau-ron (formerly Yves (“Eve”) Saint Laurent.)
  20. Thakoon: Tah-koon

Wondering about other names? Ask us in the comments below, and we’ll add them here!

Reader additions:

  1. Tibi: After quite a bit of research, it appears both tih-bye (as in, “Bye Felicia“) and “bee” are used!–submitted by Lauren 
  2. Chloe: Khlo-ee (the American pronunciation is just like the Kardashian)–submitted by Sandra
  3. Balmain: Bahl-mahhn–submitted by Lisa 
  4. Guerlain (Both Gehr-lahn, or Grr-lahn or common, with a very soft “N”. Tricky!)–submitted by Bethany 
  5. LuluLemon (LOO-loo-lemon- not, loo-loo-lemON)-submitted by VP

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