14 Cute + Affordable Planners to Help You Organize Your Life

No matter if you’re studying in school or hustling at work, the last part of the year can get crazy for everyone. In between celebrating holidays, trying to change the political climate,  and visiting family, we’re all doing our best to stay on top of everything we need to do just to get through the day.  Call me “old school,” but the one thing that consistently keeps me sane and organized is having a planner. Sure, we have Google Calendar and management apps on our phones, but the act of physically writing down your to-do list and crossing off each item as you complete it is so satisfying. It also helps me to remember all of my upcoming events when I have to write them down. 

If you need help being productive and not forgetting anything, spend some time on Sunday planning out your whole week. Don’t forget to add in workouts, due dates, and chores! I also like to spend a few minutes in the morning when I get into the office jotting down a list of all the tasks I need to accomplish that day.

Grab a coffee and your new planner, and schedule everything out from the timeline for that big work project to what self-care activities you’re practicing this week, and become your most productive self. Today, we’ve rounded up the cutest, wallet-friendly planners that’ll make you want to stay organized now through the next year!