25 New Clothing Arrivals That Just Dropped at Target

You know what they say: you don’t go to Target because you need something, you let Target show you what you need. I am a self-proclaimed full-blown Target addict, and am only getting worse, because they keep upping their game with new brands and product additions. It feels like every time I go there, they have new brands everywhere I look. While it used to be my one-stop-shop for things like candles and shampoo, they now have the cutest clothes — and since it’s Target, they’re all affordably priced. Their new clothes are getting us excited for fall (as if we weren’t already), and giving us yet another reason to make a stop at Target.

  • Susanne Scharl

    My favorite: The “Striped Wide Leg Cropped Pants”
    I love this kind of striped pants.
    They have been one of my favorite clothes this summer and will be in fall.
    Normally I tend to flower-prints or polka dots, but at the moment stripes are my favorites.