26 Affordable Options to Upgrade Your Sleepwear

There are few things better than coming home after a long day of work, snapping off your bra and slipping into something more comfortable. And by more comfortable you’re probably imagining your favorite college tee that you’ve washed and warn more times than you can count. While comfort is certainly the number one priority, we’re sharing some comfy and stylish picks to upgrade your sleepwear.

1. Flannel Pajama Set, $29.99


2. Knit Slippers, $17.99

3. Embroidered Good Night Nightshirt, $68


4. Moonlight Pajamas, $64.00


5. Flannel Nightshirt, $24.99


6. Knit Pom-Pom Slippers, $17.99

7. Get Me Coffee Nightshirt, $12.90


8. Lace Nightgown, $24.99


9. Dreamy Striped Pants, $59.50 (25% off with code WARMSTYLE)


10. Faux Fur Slippers, $24


11. Button-Up Shirt, $48


12. Knit Romper, $19.99


13. Vintage Pajama Set, $52.50


14. Lace Trim Satin Pajama Shorts, $20.40


15. Vero Moda Maxi Pyjama Kimono, $42.09


16. Brandy Melville, Rosa Sweatpants, $36


17. Chambray Striped Pyjama Set, $42.09


18. Aerie Satin Boxer, $18


19. Satin Pajamas, $29.95


20. Frosted Fluffy Robe, $37.57


21. Striped Nightshirt, $68 (25% off with code WARMSTYLE)


22. Minted Fleur Sleep Pants, $58


23. Mini Slip Dress with Lace, $33.07


24. Woven Grey Plaid Pajama Set, $31.99


25. Lace-Trimmed Satin Cami and Shorts Pajama Set, $32.99 (20% off with code GOBBLE)


26. Printed Pajama Pant, $22.50


What do you wear to sleep? Tell us in the comments below!

  • Emma

    Well up here in Canada we prefer down booties from mountain equipment coop they are sleeping bags for your feet 😉


  • Nikki Laraja

    Oooh, great finds, I am in serious need of some pj upgrades!


  • Jill C

    OMG this stuff is so cute!

  • Jessica

    Although all of the items are adorable, $68 for a night shirt is NOT affordable for most people. Just some constructive feedback: I don’t think adding the word ‘affordable’ to the title of this article was the best idea.

  • Ashli Urquhart

    Love it! Just purchased the satin cami shorts set. Thanks for the recommendation!


  • Kristen

    Really great pajama options! Thanks for sharing.