3 Easy Ways to Style a Hair Scarf

Wearing a scarf in your hair is a great way to jazz up everyday hairstyles and add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. Better yet, can you think of a better way to disguise a bad hair day? We can’t either. In less than three minutes, you can wrap a beautiful scarf through your hair and, like magic, instantly look pulled together!

Because a head scarf can be styled umpteen ways (and who has time to research and master them all?), we’ve rounded up our three favorite ways to style a scarf in your hair. Thanks to hair stylist (and our new beauty editor!) Maritza Buelvas, we’re walking you through each look and sharing just how easy it is to master.

Ready to put a scarf on it? Here’s how!

LOOK ONE: Wrap-Around Headband

Step one:
Take a traditional scarf (in cotton or silk) and form a headband by wrapping the scarf around your head and tying a knot near the base of your neck.  

Step two:
Wrap the remaining portions of the scarf around a messy braid or twist. If you wish to build extra texture in the front like we did, leave the front pieces out to create a fishtail or figure eight braid (more on the figure eight braid in an upcoming tutorial!).

Step three:
Tie your braid in place by using the remaining ends of your scarf. Join your front textured braid with your scarf braid to add dimension. Secure in place with pins.


LOOK TWO: Dressed Up Top Knot

Step one:
Start by creating a high rise ponytail with an elastic band.

Step two:
Loop an infinity scarf (cotton material usually works best) through the elastic band, leaving a tip of the scarf out to form a circle, or “donut hole.”

Step three:
Wrap the remaining portion of the scarf around the ponytail and secure the end of the scarf with another elastic band.

Step four:
Wrap the ponytail upwards as you normally would to create a top knot, but put the end of the ponytail through the donut hole you formed. Tie the remaining ends of the scarf to the donut hole to hold in place. This technique helps anchor your top knot and hold the scarf in place, allowing it to pop. 

Et voilà!

LOOK THREE: Casual Headband

Step one:
Twist an infinity scarf to form two donut holes.

Step two:
Wrap the scarf around your head and loop one end of the scarf through the other.

Step three:
Secure by tucking the remaining piece of scarf underneath your existing headband.

Easy as that! 

Plan on trying any of these easy, breezy scarf hairstyles? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #TEGbeauty. We want to see!